Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Am I The Only One?

Arghh... It's only the 2nd day of CNY, and i'm already bored to death!
Done some visitings, ate like a pig (10am, 1pm, 4pm, 8pm). I need ENO.
People are out having fun, eating or gambling or ang pao collecting but I'm at home onlining, watching TV. But luckily there's lotsa shows on TV. So I'm not dead yet.
It's just that when I online, there's no one to talk to!!! Gosh... I feel so miserable.
Petrol naik, harga barang naik, fees naik, tapi ang pao tak naik... >.<"

I watched The Myth on Astro. It's nice!!! So touching. (Sorry I'm outdated)
I want to watch The Lady Iron Chef! Suppose to watch with cousin yesterday but i was too tired to go for midnight movie. ZzzZzz...

Nothing much to blog about... Oh, 988 got this contest to win prizes from Double D (Danny & Daniel) Weeeee! I want i want i want!

Downloaded 4 ringtones of the 988 G Si Ding... Cute! I love the one whereby it sang in the Happy Birthday tune *Pig you new year happy, pig you birthday happy, pig you ma ma day happy, pig you day day happy!* Hahahaha, it's just so cute!

Weeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm going to Taiping & Penang! Whoopeeeee! Gonna eat and eat and eat! Gonna lepak, lepak and lepak! I'll have fun! I hope. Hopefully I don't end up on the wrong bus tomorrow *pengsan*

Adios! Fatty signing off.

PS: Learned a new word today. GXFC.

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