Monday, February 12, 2007

'G' for Good.

Skipped class today. Cuz of my leg. Pain ler. Cannot walk. Whole day stay in the room. Wanted to make cookies also cannot. Susah want to go out to buy ingredients.

Woke up at 12.30pm. Online. Do some work. Ate lunch. Online. At 5.30pm felt sleepy and slept until 7.45pm. Shutz. Missed "Silence". Tomorrow last episode liao! Went Fat Rock for dinner. Had their famous fried rice. Yummy. Aunt suggest to go urut my leg. Just nearby. Mum went for facial and me and dad went for urut.

People say when urut, if the part kena urut very pain means one part of your body got something wrong right? Wah liao, the lady urut for me, soooooo~~ painnnnn! Does it means that every part of my body is wrong? *pengsan*


Hopefully my bad lucks don't come in 3's. =_=" Most importantly, hopefully this year won't be BAD for me.

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fifi said...

my r u now? much better? take care ya...