Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Yay! New header for my blog! I did it myself... well, i'm quite satisfied with it as it's my first time doing a siggie. Danny One Forever <3 I almost burst my brain trying to figure out how on earth to post this header up. Took me ages.

Yay! I received my first ever CNY card this year. By Ivy. Thanks Foo Foo. Haha, somehow although sms, emails and phone calls took over the duty of CNY cards, but I somehow always still prefer receiving CNY cards. Thinking it will be people that I won't expect.

Yay! It's CNY already! But I seem to be getting moodier and moodier. Small lil' bad things keep happening around me. Well, you know, family politics. Urgh. It makes me sick. I wish I can stay home for the whole week. Just stay home and listen to the radio and watch TV. Argh. I'm watching Silence again on UTube. Hehe very touching show.

Why am I feeling sad for no reason?
Why am I laughing to myself at times?
Why am I dreaming that I will ever be friends with all of you?
Why am I so lost in this world?

Happy Chinese New Year peeps. Wishing all of you a prosperous new year and be blessed with luck, happiness, good harvest and love all year round. Welcome to the year of the golden boar =D
I can't wait for the 24th <3

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