Tuesday, December 30, 2008

[Album] 988 CNY 09 Album: 〈988金牛报喜过好年〉

Featuring: 988 DJs - Cheryl, KK, Luke, Jeff, Chiu Yue, Mike, Anson, May, Sam, Morna; local artistes - JNK, John, Desiree, Tong Xin, Danny

Just wanna share with you a couple of MVs in this album. Cute and nice. My personal fave is the former - Danny rap CNY song *chuckles* 〈十二生肖庆丰年〉 and the MV is funny. I spotted Nicky from Racken Force inside, I think it's her la.

〈十二生肖庆丰年〉 featuring KK, Luke, Desiree, Cheryl, Danny *wub*

This is the 'theme song' for the album, doing an act similar to Moonlight Resonance:

〈春风吹到你的家〉 featuring all of them.


Another of my fave:新年YEAHby May子 & JNK. Love the dance, and love the expression on their faces when they do the 'bong bong bong' and 'pang pang pang' haha! Especially May子's.

It's super worth buying! RM24.90 for DVD + CD. But they're coming out with repack with extra stuff so wait for the repack one!

Well, no doubt, one would compare with MY FM's 《MY Astro牛转乾坤庆团圆》. Hmm, both have their own supporters itself of course. And, definitely it's individual's preference. I insist in 988 while my aunt prefers My Fm's. Well, my baby don't care as long as there's lion dance in it. But she can sing my fm's "Qing Zhu" already. Both their theme songs are easy to remember and hum, and honestly, I think MY FM's one is slightly more lively (the tune) but I prefer 988's MVs and cover design. Quality wise of course MY FM fairs better with help from Astro and they had experience doing it while it's 988's first time. But it's very well done already! Already 12000 copies sold before it was officially released. Now already past double platinum which is 25000 copies!

So remember to buy one ok? Cuz it's nice! (Cuz got my idol inside mah hehe) At least one for each house la. When relatives come to your house you can play it for them to watch ma, especially for kids. Because besides bringing out the festive mood, the album also teach us about being obedient, be kind and not to be greedy! RM24.90 only, cheap cheap cheap! And, support ORIGINAL! :D


hoeyin said...


Emily said...

I also bought 988 and MyFM's vcd. We prefer 988's coz more entertaining!
MyFM's very boring cos lot's of advertisements and old ppl and fat ppl. !
I play 988's everyday coz both my kids likes it. especially the rap song and cowboy one. !
if i play myfm's they don't like cos long advertisements.

Eve Lynn said...

Uncle lim: Ang pao mari hehe!

Emily: Glad to know that you like 988's one too! ;) Haha but dun say like that la, my fm have to include those veteran singers also, cuz combine with Astro ma :) Good also got variety of young and old.

Lleon said...

thanks for the comments.. I wrote the CNY songs for both 988 & Astro.. will take into account in my future compositions.. :)