Monday, December 22, 2008

Time Management is Crucial!!!

Santa claus is comingggg to townNn~~~
Wahoo! Christmas is coming! Yippedi doo da!! Nah, i'm not expecting presents from santa. Already got used to not getting any. Don't want any either. Cuz that means I need to return a gift. Lol! Jkjk!

It's just... the... the... atmosphere, the cheers in the air, the sweet scent of happiness, the smile on everyone's face (though i see some who does not have plans for xmas :p), the jingles, the decorations, the songs! It just makes me go dum da di dum :D

It's all the great phood and varieties of cookies, cakes, festive dishes that makes my tummy dance to the beat. Remember I said I wanted to bake and sell? Hmm, due to shifting, and also *gulps* laziness, I didn't. Well I DID bake, but not for selling.

Christmas is gonna be busy busy busy. Family cooking, friend's parties, and meeting up with a couple of old pals :D Hopefully I get to fit in a few gatherings for myself at home (if my parents allow, sigh!) Cooking is good, but not the washing part. Big NO NO for me. I hate cleaning up :p

I suddenly realize there are so many things that I need to do and I'm supposed to do it before the year end! Arghhh! Lack of plans, lack of time management. Why am I always so shitty...

Been not feeling well these two days. Vomiting and fever. Plain water also vomit out, wth. 'Wong dam sui' too. Yeew. Hmm, hopefully nothing goes wrong for the next few days. I don't want to end my 2008 being a sick tiger.

Well, better luck next year! Toodles!

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