Saturday, December 06, 2008

Some things are not meant to be shared...


Supposed to be sleeping already, tomorrow is a long day...

Supposed to feel happy after seeing my idol just now... I am for seeing him, but am not for it being so short... And yes yes yes!! He played the piano. Superb *lum* *melted*

Supposed to not feel this way, but God knows why...

I realize my postings these days are very depressing to read... but I can't help it.

I guess, often, things are not meant to be shared. I guess, I expected too much. Many times, you thought it will happen this way, but it goes the other way. Many times, you thought you were the first, end up you're almost at the end of the race. It feels pretty awful when you were hidden from the truth. Truth that does not benefit them. What more, it sucks when rather than no truth at all, you were told lies.

Often I tell myself, not to expect too much. Not that it's the first time it's happening. Don't let someone become a priority in your life when you're just an option to them. Why is it always that, I think I am, but I'm actually way far behind. When you see a bright star in the sky, you don't realize the dim ones around. Maybe you did, but you're just attracted to the one and only bright one.

It's just so interesting seeing the different personalities in each person. Asking yourself, why is he like this, why is she like that. Subjective question, which is what makes life interesting.

I know, many truth, facts, secrets about me or related to me are hidden from me. Just as there are many things about others I do not disclose. I'll just keep these secrets to myself. Sorry. Not that I don't want to tell, nor that I don't treat you as a friend, it's just that... well... some things are just not meant to be shared.

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