Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bye 2008, Hi 2009!

Already past 4 days into the new year but only now I have the time to blog! Went up north for the new year countdown on 30th, 'enjoyed' 4 days without the net, busy the whole day yesterday therefore only have time to blog now. Will blog about the trip next.

Had a pretty enjoyful new year countdown up north. Stayed in BM and went over to Queensbay for the countdown. Saw my ever freaka-good-looking idol *wub* who gave us (well, for me at least) the best smile ever in 2008. Wait, it's the BEST smile I've seen EVER, which is in my chosen fave video 2008 I've recorded. Will share with you all when it's uploaded cuz it's not with me. On the other hand, feel bad for not going Sungai Wang's countdown this year, I've been there two years in a row for countdown, and this year Danell danced leh, kns. As in HIP HOP dance. Freaka good looking too.

Anywayz, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!! Keep the smile, leave the tear, think of joy, forget the fear, hold the laugh, leave the pain, be joyous, cuz it's the new year! Wish you all abundance of everything - be it health, wealth, luck, happiness, love, wisdom, prosperity, laughter, joy, faith, opportunities, chance... Cherish everything in life and enjoy each moment to the max.

A new year, a new beginning, a new chapter, a new story in life. Reminising what I've done in the past one year, I've had a pretty laid back year, really enjoying my life, entertaining myself. What I achieved in 2008? Nothing promising, nothing great, no big and to-be-proud-of achievements.

  • Best one of the year is of course, able to graduate with a degree cert topped with an unexpected mention, when I almost flunk my thesis.
  • I mention it all the time, I say it every year, and I realize more and more day by day - getting to know more new friends, getting closer and closer to known friends, the satisfaction you get after working together to do something, to know that they care for you, to feel happy that they remember you (although I emo about it sometimes :p) and a bonus is that your idols know your name by heart. Hu la hu la la, hu la hu la hu la la~ Hehe. To all my friends out there, words can't describe how thankful I am to have you all. Like what I've read in someone's blog, for my past 22 years of life, with our individual backgrounds and lifestyle, we might not have crossed path. Fate brought us together. If I were to chose another road, I wouldn't have met you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Realizing that I am lucky to have very understanding parents
  • Own a PSP and an SLR camera :)
  • Slowly learning to achieve my dream goals and objectives in life
  • Had my first and a funtastic holiday in Bangkok with CY and SS
  • Travelled domestically (hehe!) a lot, ate a lot when I was supposed to lose weight.
Told ya there's nothing much. It was a year that I think a lot, I emo a lot (seriously a lot), I expected a lot yet at the same time surprised me a lot.

So new year, let's start afresh! I wish it will be a good year, but my senses are not convinced about it. This year I only have one resolution (supposed to be two but I think the second one will never be realized :o) - FOCUS!!!

So, let's pray~~~

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