Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So Called "Support"

Busy busy... busy with events and busy packing, cleaning and moving. Yup, I've officially moved into the new apartment. With my family. Why so many tot I move out alone? Now only I realize my old room is so dusty! Thank god for vacuum cleaners.

Kinda late for reviews, but anyway...

Danny's Let's Eat Music was ok. Despite I "officially" see him played the piano, despite some non-chinese songs that took me by surprise, it was ok. Despite he sang wrong lyrics, it was ok. Why ok only? Cuz the event was brought forward without any formal notice/info. Cuz it made some of my friends missed half of his performances. Cuz the main "focus" was on the event happening immediately after Danny's. WTF. Cuz... there were not really a lot of people. Sigh. It's just saddening to NOT see so called 'i-always-support-you' fans in this once in a blue moon music showcase. It's sad to see those used to support him a lot never come for this event. There might be reasons, but, out of hundreds there's like none? And it was damn obvious the management cared more about the latter event, perhaps because it's an overseas artiste? Does that mean, you don't have to manage a local artiste's event equally?

CF's Let's Eat Music was quite ok. The crowd is there, a lot of their friends and family came and support. Mr Loo brought his 'double guitar', the sound was fantastic. Kairi's piano solo was superb! Jovi is funny as always. Jeff looked quiet. Kit was sweating like mad. Elwy's gelled up hair also stick on his forehead dy. Imagine how hot.

Next day went for Star Live Concert. Cuz idol was one of the artistes! Including Desiree Tan, Manhand, Ming, Cheng Lee, Emil Chau, Y2J, Harlem Yu, Janice, Vincy, Jam Hsiao, Fanfan, JJ Lin. It rained super super heavily in the evening, so the field was damn muddy. Regret wearing my new shoes there. We could tell a lot were there to see Y2J and JJ (but we're there to see local artistes ;D). Vincy's fans made a V-shaped helium balloons, so sweet. Danny was super super high when singing Yi Qi Dao Gao, he went "WooO~WeI!". Lol! So high he made us all laugh. *wub*

My idol standing with Des and Y2J <3

Disappointingly, it was broadcasted live on tv. And for sure there's ads time. No prize for guessing whose performances will be cut for ads. Sure local artistes lo. And whose mics have probs during the show? Local artistes lo. (I don't mean *they* purposely do it, but why only they kena?) After changing the mic still the same problem. And somehow it does affect the crowd's impression on them. So called wanna encourage local artistes, say they are as good as Taiwanese ones. Which is true, if you mix Taiwanese artistes' songs and Malaysian artistes' songs together in an album but not mentioning who sang nor composed it, you think there's differences? Don't say *them* la, the crowd's mindset also fixed on 'overseas good, local cheapalak' de lah. Only soft cheers for those who performed one. Cheesh. But, I was relieved when there were good responses after Danny finished singing :D The show ended with fireworks, it was really nice.

The next day went up hill to watch a musical. Hmm, my 1st time watching Chinese musical - Magic Mirror by Yayasan Guan Yin. Yeah, it's talking about the good and bad in life, and how Guan Yin made them realize their sins and recorrect their path in life.

Recognize this little fella? ;D

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