Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Genting in the Morning

All the time when I went to Genting previously, it would be for concerts or events, taking the bus up, reaching there in the evening, staying a night over, sleeping like a dead dog until just before to take the bus down. This time, it was an a-la-minute decision, driving up in wee hour just to 'have tea' and down. All the while, I never knew Genting looks so beautiful. Now I do. Previously I was kinda scared listening to other people saying it's quite tough to drive up to Genting, but actually it's not! Just depends on whether your car got power to go up or not lah, and slightly be more careful when going downhill. Just last week we saw a car's bonnet smoked up in front of our eyes - water boils. Scary.

I went up with a few friends at about 2am (nut case) despite someone objecting the idea. Sorry! Walked around for awhile, was hungry so thought of going to Old Town but it was closing. Funny I thought they were opened 24 hours. I assume they're closed for cleaning purposes, but no notice or anything. And the staff was rude. Idiotic. Tell lah nicely. Never liked Old Town anyway. So end up in McD. The hash brown was straight from the fryer. Taste so good yum! Still haven't try their Madagascar set yet. *I like to move it move it*

Walked around and end up in Coffee Bean at Resort Hotel. You can see the whole of KL there. But they closed the outside seats, and it was too cold to sit outside (17'C!) so we just enjoy our hot hot hot latte and hot hot hot chocolate inside. Coffee Bean opens 23 hours. They close at 7am and open at 8am again. Hmm, funny.

7:00am, we made our way down to KL. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~~~ so cold!!!

Look at the back part... feels like i'm in heaven :p

The wind is so strong... that in 4 minutes, mist covered up the whole building...

I'm so proud of myself. I'm the type who always is the first to complain about being cold.. can't believe I can 'tahan' under 17'C and strong wind for 5 minutes.

Next time if you have the chance, stop by at this scenery area near a bus parking lot. It's on the way down from the hill top. Just few minutes drive away. You can see the whole of First World from here.

Then, we stopped by at the Chin Swee Temple halfway down to Gohtong Jaya. Very nice temple. 988 DJs shot their MVs for their CNY album here.

Stairway to heaven :p

It's supposed to be a 'fountain' but...

It's not senget la... maybe it's my camera angle.

All the while we spot Genting from KL.. now spot KLCC and KL Tower =D

18 Lo Hon

Spot Genting!

Journey to Enlightenment - it tells a story of 10 Chambers of Hell, where a kind person was awarded, and evil person was punished. Said to enlighted people not to do sinful acts and appreciate human life.

If you notice properly there's a small black spot near the 'gate' at the bottom, it's a beetle.

It's dead. I guess it must have done a lot of sinful acts so it can't stand the journey already in the beginning.

They show pretty gross way of punishing evil person... like cutting their tongue, squashing them under huge stone, burning them in fire.

18 SG


Oh my god! Guess who I saw? My idol! :p

It says: Arghhh! I'm naked! Don't look!

Reach KL at 10 plus. Can have strength to go eat breakfast samore. All never sleep for 24 hours dy. Ate dim sum, balik, ZzZZzzzz......

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