Thursday, December 11, 2008

Perhaps It's A Blessing In Disguise

Been pretty tied up these few days, partly is wanna stay home to accompany my parents due to my 'busyness' last week. It's strange that sometimes, even though we live under the same roof, I don't see them for like the whole week. Yeah, my fault, I know. Another part is that we're busy packing and shifting. Yup, i'm moving to a new home this weekend. New beginning but old environment. Some of you might know why ;)

Lesson no. 1 - Keep your belongings to the minimum. It's super menyakitkan kepala to shift all those 'rubbish'. Plus, I'm the type who mm-seh-tak throw things one. Standard 6 punya birthday present I still keep until now. Die lah like that. No eye see how to shift my books and magz =_="

Bad things keep happening. I guess it's not a good year for my mum. Hopefully next year she'll have the best of health. *namo namo* no more bad things happen pwease... But, it also depends on how you see it.

Dad suffered from leg bengkak due to gout. Must jaga makan oh.

In the same day, while cleaning the new house, mum was washing the huge flower vase, it slipped and cut across her left toes, leaving a long slice. Blood keep oozing out, it was pretty gross. I guess, when you'res scared, the only thing you can do is panic. I nearly cried looking at all the blood, regretting that I never took first aid lesson last time during scouting seriously. In fact, my mum was more chill than me and my dad. Samore can joke saying match my dad. I shall not disclose the stitched wound pic la, well yeah, she received 5 stitches.

Lesson no. 2: Learn first aid. And respect all doctors and nurses for able to look straight into wounds deyh.

At night, just before sleeping, suddenly my room lights keep blinking, along with my fan going on and off. I thought it was my lights problem, the starter spoiled or something. Checked my bro's room, his was the same. Parents' room too. Something's wrong. Heard some soft 'pop' sound, thought it was the washing machine. Another 'pop' sound came and it was from outside. Open the door, wah lao eh! Smoke coming out! Quickly switch off the power circuit and went outside. Seems that the line in wire was loose that caused this. I stupidly ask my bro, 'need to spray water ar?' Stop laughing.

Lesson no. 3: Be alert and cautious. Always check on your wiring.

So that's pretty it. Slept throughout the night without any electricity. Samore can cover with comforter.

At first I see it as 'why so sueh one?' but, I guess the doctor was right, sometimes accidents happen to prevent something major from happening. I guess it's a blessing in disguise in various ways. At least my mum did not suffer from any fracture, at least do not require hospitalization *touch wood*, at least the wire burnt when we're still awake, and not when we're sleeping.

All these incidents make me realize there's so many things that I need to learn. All these general knowledge, preventions, cure, what to do if this or that happened etc, I know nothing.

God bless everyone. May everyone be healthy and safe.

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