Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Danny pranked Daniel on pregnancy and abortion for April's Fool. I, not realizing it was 1st April was pranked too, luckily not so serious la. I seriously thought it was real. Here goes: (just a rough draft of it, can't really remember the exact words)

Layleng: Eh, I got something to tell you.
Me: Yeah, what?
Layleng: Danny is coming for my company department annual dinner on April 19.
Layleng: I'm one of the committee for the dinner.
Me: But if I go I'll be alone leh, you have to walk around and work.
Layleng: Nolah, Saturday no need to work la. (She didn't understand me =_=")
Me: No, i mean you committee mah, so you have to help around at the dinner.
Layleng: Then ar, I bring you around also la. You're the committee also what. HAPPY APRIL'S FOOL!!! Haha!
Me: I HATE YOU LAYLENG... IDIOT!!! (LL: It was a joke lah!)
Layleng: Sorry!! Sorry!!
Me: (I already changed my MSN nick to "I HATE YOU LAYLENG!") Haha!
Layleng: (She thought I really angry) So so so sorry! Yor, change the nick samore. Sorry! SOrry!

Then it was actually planned by Layleng, Ju Yen, and Mich. In a group chat I said "You are all MEANERS." But I'm sure you all know I'm just joking lah right? :)

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