Monday, April 14, 2008


Went for Summit's 10th Anniversary celebration yesterday. Damn sui loh. Afternoon rain then stop which the weather was perfect for the night already. When the event start it rained again! I went for the sound check in the afternoon (alone), feel like a jacoon standing there only. But it was worth it muahaha! Anyway, back to the event, well, I guess in ALL events, it's not the show that matters, it's the people you go with. I'm glad to have friends that is crazy enough lol. That night got Danny, Andrew, Karen Kong, Quincy, Bang Bang Tian Shi (kids group), some chinese yoyo performace, and dance performance by dunno what academy. Then there's lots of games and funny jokes by Jack Lum Dak Weng and Ngan Mei Yan. Please... never ever say Malaysians are shy. They're so NOT. The funny acts they do on stage, omg, can laugh until you roll on the floor.

Look at Danny's pic inside this announcement board LOL!

I was making more boards the previous night cuz the old ones rosak last time at the 'Cow Car Water' event which we were soaking wet. That night rain again. Wah lao eh. Sui loh. I wonder who brought the rain. Andrew or Danny? Lol. Cuz both events they were there.

Back to my boards, I enlarged the fonts on Words and printed it out. Supposingly fully black, big words. But, my printer love art so much it decided to be creative.

I thought only shirts have stripe design, not words!
(Disclaimer: It was meant to be totally black font)

Speaking of ART, I always envy how others can draw so well and so impressive. I was chatting with Teng few months back, and I tell you, her arts impressed me too. I forgot what we were talking about and we started playing with the MSN's that handwriting facility which instead of typing you draw your message. And I started drawing her display picture of her at that time.

And my workpiece nyahaha:

(Psst: A bit SS but I was quite impressed with mine... cuz I always get D for arts in school.)

Then she started drawing MY display pic at that time. Very... very... impressive...

She's really artistic!

Seriously wanna see hers???

You sure???

You want???





I think you will like it a lot...

It's way better than mine.

I really liked it...

I begged her for so long...

To let me show to you guys...

That's why I'm keeping a copy of it...

Here goes...









Shin Sar said...


LOL!! I can't stop laughing!!!
Teng, you are really really GOW!!!!

Sakai!!! I'm impressed. If I were to draw, I think I'll draw 'better' than Teng (the opposite la) :p

Shin Sar said...
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