Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ideal Autograph Session :)

I guess everyone would want this to be the way of an autograph session... (Read below) It's referring to David Tao during an autograph session prior to his Singapore concert which was yesterday (April 19th).

As it turned out, the great thing about this small stage set-up was that the whole experience was up close and personal, yet stress-free. David makes your 10 seconds of ‘alone’ time with him truly yours. You don’t feel small, worthless, pathetic and like an overzealous idiot shoved around by watchful security. You don’t feel like you’re merely a part of a mindless autograph churning conveyor belt. David was calm, confident, acknowledged everyone’s presence, and gave each one undivided attention as he signed your stuff and chatted with you. And best of all, he offers a handshake at
the end without you asking. Fabulous!

At the end of the whole session, sis n i walked with David n his minders to a holding room. Together with two other fans, we waited outside for abt 2 minutes before he reemerged to
leave the building with security. My sis called out his name. He turned back with a surprised smile and waved, saying Thank you very much! I said Bye~! and he replied cheerily.=) As he walked along, we decided might as well follow along and send him off. Out of the building in broad daylight, David with his entourage attracted a couple of surprised stares and waving onlookers. As he boarded a white minivan, I thought his minders wld shut the door immediately. Thankfully not. David got on the van, sat down and once again saw sis n I. He pointed to us and waved! We waved back happily. When the door closed and the van started to drive off, we saw through the tinted windows David actually turned back to look at us and waved bye
again! That totally made my day.=)
- 3/31/2008 1:56 AM

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