Sunday, April 06, 2008


Yeah I'm still jobless so what? People have been asking me to chill for as long as I can. People ask me to slowly find a job that suits you most. But I know it's not easy, almost impossible to find one. What's work if it's not tiring, challenging, boring and not highly paid? Sigh. I fear getting a job I dislike, I fear of finding a job because it means no more rest, I fear of working because it means no more leisure, it means 6 days non stop, 8 - 10 hours continuously. I fear... of beginning in the first place. I am used to my current position. Even though i'm doing nothing, no income. But, all I want is to do nothing. And I still have a lot of things to do before I start work! Damn.

I guess floor measurers tend to think a lot. And I seemed to be getting very much materialistic these few days. LV, Gucci, CK, AX, G2000. Maybe unemployed people who have no income dreams for all luxuries. Speaking of dreams, floor measurer dreams a lot too. Crappy dreams. Stupid dreams.

We often watch shows thinking it's so dramatic. How a guy dramatically tackle/propose to a girl. How a person dramatically wanna die because they broke up. How two people dramatically love each other secretly and don't get to be with each other. How dramatically two people walk past each other but not noticing and the camera shoot it until the viewers with teary eyes go 'omg, so wasted. they not no 'yuin fun''. Shitty. But dramas does happen in real life. Can't believe a guy can be so useless after breaking up. A girl can go all crazy over a guy. Dramatically real. Oh, how I wish dramas happen on me. Well, happy dramas of course.

Finally Danny is willing to come out to see people. Haha. Yay I get to see him soon. Mwahaha. Crazy. 12th April at USJ Summit. Woo hoo!

~ I need some essence in life.

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