Friday, April 18, 2008


22 APRIL 2008

In 2004, he composed "Love & Freedom"

In 2005, he composed "Crazy"

In 2007, he composed "Siapa"

And now...


Stay tune to all chinese radio stations on 22 April 2008. (Perhaps on 21st April already can hear)

- Malaysia
- China
- Taipei
- Singapore
- Hong Kong
- Melbourne

*Seriously can't wait. But sigh, I'll be in Singapore. Hopefully I get to hear it there. Good also, can test market see what Singapore radio station says about him wahaha. So so excited. Will be seeing him a lot a lot in the coming months. Yes, what happened last year will repeat itself again this year. If he's coming out with album, I'll buy 10! That shows my excitement. Really! He's losing his voice cuz busy recording. Kelian oh :(

*wub* *wub* Danny *wub* *wub*
(Photos credit to Eddie)

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