Friday, April 11, 2008

Day = Night

My life is becoming dull and upside down. Jobless, aimless, useless, motivationless. Well, I'm not complaining, just taking my time to relax. But a lazy life has led to a overturned life. My day has become night and vice versa. Sleeping at 5am/6am, waking up at 2pm, sometimes even later.

I'm beginning to fear for my own's health. I used to fall asleep like a pig after just like 5 minutes lying on the bed. Nowadays I toss and turn for 2 hours before I get to sleep. And there's always phlegm stuck at my throat which I can never seem to cough it out. Maybe it's because I drink tea/coffee/milky stuff. Nooooo, means I cannot drink these anymore :(

Went for Cheng's (Lee Zhi Qing) showcase cum press conf the other day. He is actually more of a producer and composer. Now he's out as a singer. I would say that he improved a lot or maybe he has always been talkative but shy on the outside. Have always been impressed with the songs he writes (Kao An, Bao You Wo, Ta Yi Ding Hen Ai Ni, Zen Me Ban etc). Bought his demo album and have been listening it for the past two days. Fave is Track 3 and Track 7. All the songs are the demo version of songs that he sold to other artistes before. Some people think it's boring and put them to sleep because they don't like such quiet songs, but to me it's good. Can hear the quality of the voice.

"Are you going to Penang?" "Are you going to Autocity?" "Are you going for D's event?" No! I'm not. But now you guys are tempting me to. Sakai. I'm going for FHA in Singapore. Maybe I'll just come back one day earlier then. Tee hee. Arghh! Dilemma dilemma. Speaking of FHA, we have to register online and get the confirmation number. It's been two days but I still haven't get it so I emailed them. Kena 'marah' indirectly instead. Because I didn't notice the '10 working days to process the confirmation'. Shyt. Pai sehnya. Eve oh eve, why so impatient. Sigh. Losing faith. Losing wisdom.

Losing faith but still determined. Determined in a lot of things. Was chatting with SQ just now and he encouraged me. Thanks Shenq, thanks for believing in me :) I'll make you the hamster when you're back :)



chunyiun said...

Im gonna b MEAN...i dun care..u MUST come to Penang, to Autocity, for D's event!!...Dun care u ahhH!!!

and..bring dat album? mau toast boleh ka? Muahahahah

p/s: no wonder seldom see or talk to u nowadays..coz ur time zone and my time zone total opposite lor

Shin Sar said...

CANNOT TOAST!!! Have to buy ori!!!!!!!!