Thursday, April 17, 2008

Positively Emo

Did you all notice that it's 17th today? 17th 17th 17th... My fave number again. Hope today is a good day.

Went 1U with kopi-kopi for lunch at Bakerzin. Then KY left to go her tea, so left me and Ivy. Was craving for my baked apple tart. Yummy yummy. Then we walked around for awhile then left to go to Vintry. The wine shop that Edmund works. People now so happening in the shop, all the customers know him, he's the sommelier there, the person in charge wahaha. We only thought of eating cuz Ivy said their banana peach crumble is darn good. But he offered a bottle of white zinfandel and it was cheap so we took it. Imagine 2 girls finishing one bottle of rose wine! It was a good wine. Nice and smooth. At the end of the meal, both of us high high dei already. Laughing like sakais. But it was really fun. Really comfortable. Hope we can have a gathering with all the ex classmates there one day. Ivy said if we're at home we'll probably just get ourselves drunk already.

I can't decide. I can't make up my mind where to go. Wait, I can't make up my mind in a lot of things. I wish I can split myself into half and be at two places at one time. Some of you might be thinking why a nobody is so fussy in choosing her blardy job. Yes I can be really fussy at times. I'm blunt, I'm lost and I'm annoying, that's ME.

Positively emo, how can someone be positively emo. After chatting with SQ that day, I realized that I'm not alone in this world. Perhaps 3 quarter of the world feels the same as me. And I know I have hundreds of friends caring for me, and for me to care about. I'm really grateful to have people like you guys reading my blog, it means I have friends that cares about what is going on with me. I'm really grateful to have friends to dine with, to party with, to yum cha with, it means I'm not an antisocial person (I hope). I'm grateful to have friends who forward sms to me, email me, call me, ask me out, it means they're thinking of me. Mwahaha! Thank you all, so so much, I really don't know what can I do to repay you guys.

I may be a good person for you,
I may be bad,
I may be irritating you,
or I'm always sad,
I may be the best person on earth,
or the worst,
I may be friendly,
perhaps a little evil,
I may be smart,
but I'm dumb.

Whatever a person I am to you (perhaps you can tell me),
I just wanna thank you (ALL) and say sorry.
I am not a superwoman who can help everyone.
I am not a clown who befriends everyone.
I am not an iron chef who knows how to cook everything.
I am not a person who can do whatever you want.
I am a person who has weaknesses.
I am a person who has feelings.
I am a person who annoys ppl without knowing,
who some people hates at times.
I just wanna say that,
I am me, myself and I.
I am not someone who you think I'm supposed to be.
Treat me as who I am,
not who you wish I should be.

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Anonymous said...

its good to be fussy when you're choosing your job.. cause u're the one working.. if u don like the job.. u wouldn't have fun working.. u wouldn't wanna go work if u don like it.. but dont be too fussy... cause nth goes the way we want it.. ;)