Monday, April 21, 2008

Lonely Sunday Dinner

This afternoon went to Mines to see Danny. We slumberly take our own sweet time, 2.15pm only go up. It was crowded! Can't see a thing. But slowly slowly squeeze in. Some was good, but the shuffle was boring. I don't know, not my taste. Not his either I think.

Sigh~ Booooriingggg~

I think he was too freako board he took out his phone and started sms-ing. We thought 'Ma de, judging samore can sms.' Then suddenly Meg's phone beeped. And Meg started laughing like crazy. It was a shoutout by Danny. "If I know ah dong (his nephew) learning shuffle I will whack gao him"

Disclaimer: I am not saying that shuffle is not good. It's just not my taste.

Then had to rush around to do so many things. Went to Bangsar to collect bus ticket, then MV to change money, coincidently bump into Ed and Ivy. Haha. Then wanted to wash my car but it was raining.

Went home, waiting for someone to call me out for dinner or something.
Parents went BM with friends. Thought will go dinner with Teng and ML but they weren't free. Aunt was not free also. SS called for yum cha but I rejected cuz wanna pack. Ask bro to go out eat he ask me ta pao back for him instead. Idiot. Think left think right also can't think of anyone. Well, Sunday - it's family day. Since there's some veggies left in the fridge I cook Minestrone. Been wanting to make it for a long time dy. It's an Italian dish, which is actually a soupy dish, tomato based with lots of veggies, and a bit of pasta.

Erm, it reminds me of Kim Gary's Borscht soup. I eat all the veggies and leave the spaghetti at last. Yummy :) Not a bad Sunday afterall.

Heading to Singapore in a few hours time. Will be back on Friday. Miss you all loads. Take care. Update me if you guys have anything happening :) And, DON'T FORGET TO TUNE IN TO 988/MYFM/AIFM AND LISTEN TO DANNY'S NEW SONG!!!!! CAN START HEARING TODAY ALREADY!

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Shin Sar said...

I heard the song!!I heard it!!
But only once. So, my comment below is based on the first-time-hearing. My opinion towards this song might change after a few times listening to it.
My first impression towards this new song - don't really like it as much as I like 'Love and Freedom'. The chorus part - sorry, I think it sounded like 'Where Is The Love' :S
The rap part - I couldn't really catch it.

BUT BUT... don't be disappointed. This song deserve another chance to be likeable ;)

Wait for my next comment after a few times listening to it :)