Monday, April 30, 2007


Wow, Friday night was at Izzi Pizza for Daniel's Ikon shooting. Well, not a film shooting of course. Just a fans gathering and the Astro Ria crew came and shoot on how Daniel interact with the fansi. He only stayed for like 1 hour plus cuz he has to rush to a recording. I did not expect much to happen. But it went pretty well. Something weird happened, but maybe I just imagined it. (SS-ing)

Yesterday went for an upcoming 8tv idol drama [SKY] premier at Cineleisure. 11am they had the autograph session. 5 main actors/actresses of the show came - John, Gary, Meisim, Ping Ping and Daniel. Got my book signed by them, only managed to get Daniel and Meisim to write my name on it. Hehe! So difficult to flip the pages to search for their pics to be signed by them. =_=" Samore have to sign 3 books. Then at 12pm we head to the cinema to watch the premier of the 1st episode with all the 988 and 8864 winners, fans and artists. Daniel had to rush to Klang for sound check so he didn't watch the premier. Haha, Daniel will be appearing as himself - Daniel in the drama. And he'll be acting as a feng shui master and private detective. Haha! Can you imagine? You'll die laughing seriously. Hell, it's a good production and it's a MUST-WATCH! So, stay tune to 8tv from this Sunday 6th May onwards, at 7.30pm. Must watch! Must watch! I love Meisim's acting so so so much! And I think i'll like John after watching this drama. =_="

I actually thought before that you might be there. But never think much about it. True enough, you appeared. Haha. Why must you let me see you? Sigh.

After the premier, saw PiggiEd and Ivy. Haha. They were going for a movie. We went for lunch at Kim Gary then walk the flea market for awhile and left to Teng's house. Played with Shung Shung. He's so adorable and smart. Sometimes, you can't imagine what will kids answer you when you ask them. Their answer will be so shocking. So innocently spoken. Then we left to Klang for the Super 50 party which Daniel, Kwok Fai, Z Chen, Stella Chung, Anthony Zhang and Aric Ho were involved. Erm, didn't really enjoy it thanks to some SAKAI people who CUT QUEUE and some annoying SAKAIs standing behind me. Urgh.

Then, went to Kepong Ka Ka bkt for supper. Yummy. Drank all the soup. Then followed Teng back to her house as my car was there. Then drove home. That ends my day. So tired. I slept until 3pm today. Parents went to Hatyai. Left me and bro at home only.

On the way home, Uncle Peter asked "What you feel before you started going for all these? And what do you gain from going for all these?" That got me thinking actually. Was I happy before this? Yes, of course I am. I'm happy with everything in my life. But after I started going for all these events, I met new friends, and I gain a lot of knowledge, happy moments and a lot more :) It's just a new hobby. Haha. People might say that 'this fella sure do all these to get attention from the celebs la' Well, say whatever you want, think whatever you want to think, but i'm sure those who knows me well will know why I do it. :)

Aunty Irene asked me to have birthday party. Should I? I really don't know.

Can you actually like a person that you don't know? You know he exists, but he doesn't know you exist though both of you talked before. You know his name but know nothing else about him. He don't know anything about you. It just got me wondering, because sometimes you hear stories about two person writing letters to each other, and A say she fell in love with B through the letters though they never met each other =_=". How can you actually fall in love with a person whom you never met before??


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