Friday, April 27, 2007

Right Decision

I'm suppose to be sleeping now, I have class at 9am tomorrow. But somehow, I don't feel like sleeping yet. Sometimes, it's so weird not to blog before I sleep. Not that i'm a daily blogger, but sometimes, you just want to blah out everything kept inside your heart before you sleep in peace (or perhaps piece? ;p)

There was a career fair going on today in college. Few big hospitality establishments were there such as Sodexho, Wynn Macau, Star Cruises, Secret Recipe, Ritz Carlton, HostE Solution, Feast Village, Maya, Traders, Marriott Singapore, Club Med etc. Went to college at 9.30am to have breakfast then attend a career talk by Wynn Macau. It's a new gaming hotel in Macau, and it's fantastic. 'sum si si' wanna go there for my internship this year end :p We submitted our resumes to a few companies. Hopefully will have good news :) Then we had lunch at Rouche, Douglas came and makan with us :) So long never see him, he didn't change much for the past 1 year plus :) and then went back for Sodexho's career talk at 2pm. It seriously got me thinking, if I were to work, I will have to start from scratch. I just can't imagine myself starting off as a supervisor or manager. =_="

I made the right decision not to go for it. If I went, I would have shown my black face the whole time. I'll be annoyed, irritated. I'm glad.

Looking at both of them, it makes me very eager to know what happened between them. I want to know, i want to feel, i want to understand. If only... if only... whatever. I hope it's not jealousy. Haha!

The Randoms #11
Don't you ever think that you're so powerful that you can change everything last minute. I don't really know the reason or story behind it. But I hope what I heard it's not true. If you think what people ALREADY planned is not important, please fck off and die slowly. So smart, do everything yourself lah you pig! I know I have no rights to say anything, and I'm nothing in your eyes. Still, don't act as if you're damn good ok. Bahh!

-where'd you go, i miss you so-
wo zhi neng tou tou xi huan ni :)

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