Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm so touched.

Been having lack of sleep for the whole week. Hehe, some are because I have no choice, some I don't feel like to. Hehe!

Anyway, just to share with you guys that, Daniel is collaborating with Danny in his coming album! Whooooopeeeee! I sort of guessed it few days ago, reading Danny's blog + Daniel's interview. Then it's true! It's on today's paper! Daniel really liked Danny's "Yin Wei You Ai" and will be doing a cover version of it in his 2nd album coming soon. And Danny will be featuring the rap part. Plus he's also a producer for the song in the album. Yahooooo! Gosh, so sweet of Daniel to invite Danny and to do a cover version of HIS song!! Wow. That's the most amazing news I've heard in this year. Miracles DO happen. My 2 fave idols are collaborating together! Gosh! *pengsan*

Daniel and Danny: Thank you so so so much. I can't wait to buy this album.

Do you know what's the best photo of the century? This is:

Credit to: China Press
love hugs love hugs love hugs love hugs love hugs
oNe HeArT.oNe LoVe.oNe FaMiLy

Went to Sunway Pyramid to have lunch with PiggiEd and Tau Foo. Hehe! Wanted to eat at Zen at first, but we saw another Jap restaurant next to Zen. Rupa-rupanya is under Zen as well, forgot it's name though =_=" But it caters more of sushis and 'fast-food'. Open kitchen concept in the center of the conveyor belt, menu is almost the same as Zen (except no set lunches and dinners). Portion of food is smaller and cheaper. Has a few private rooms. And they serves the best Choco Banana Nut Parfait! I tell you, if you eat and you don't think it's nice, I can potong!!!! apple for you to eat. :) The parfait is absolutely fantastically fantasticaciously fantastic! Choc ice cream + vanilla ice cream + corn flakes + choc sauce + oreo crumbs + banana + chopped nuts. Nyum nyummmmm! Will try another parfait (strawberry parfait) next time when I go there. Speaking of which, thanks to Edmund for tempting me there. I am now officially working part time at Zen. Starting next week. Well, I need money anyway. Better work some fats off and earn back some good old cash. Sigh, no more star chasing for me luu... Weekends sure i'll be working one. How to chase star like that? Danny... ='(

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