Monday, April 09, 2007

Happening and exhausting weekend...

Fuhh, two weeks of holiday ended... so soon. But I had an exciting weekend.
Weekdays all I did was just stay at home and rot. Totally no mood to do anything at all. Well, holidays are meant to be HOLIDAYS right?

070407 Saturday

An exciting day! The day I've been looking towards to for the past 2 weeks. That is the 988 GCMC Live Musical Party!

12pm went for Eric's last promo in Sg Wang. Thought it was cancelled when I didn't see his event stated on the notice board. Then msged LJ and she said it was on 6th floor. So we went up to 6th floor and met IT and LT there. There was some hip hop dance competition going on but ending dee. Eric didn't came until 3.45pm. Played some games with the fans, and he sang 2 songs - Qing Ge 2007 & Ai Qing Chu Xue Zhe. It was his last promo. He left for Beijing yesterday for 3 months. All the best Eric. We'll be missing you here everyday.

Then we rushed to Sunway Surf Beach. Luckily manage to reach on time :) As we are going under fans club, so we don't have to queue. IT went and change so I had to be 'part-time in charge' to wait for other D-One fans to come. Haha, end up I was 'in charge' to be the end of the fans zone queue. Haha, but I enjoyed being the last. Kakakaka... *hint hint* And I realize 988 people are very nice :)

And, hell i definitely enjoyed myself the whole night. Danny One, Evan Yo, Dylan Kuok, Sam Li Sheng Jie, Janice, Sing Shi Xing Hui, Ah Niu, Charles Ying Cheong Yau. Danny dance! Danny dance! So cute :) All chun-ted artists, plus funny DJs, how not to enjoy myself? Eric also went for the show. And saw other DJs like Ah Luke, Sam, Ah Nic. I enjoyed Danny's and Sam's performances the most :)

After the event finished we went to KG for 'dinner cum supper'. Listened to Ah Nic's program. Kesian him have to leave halfway towards the party to go back to 988 to host his night show. He called up Ah May at the post party and interviewed Evan Yo. Evan praised Danny! Woo hoo. And they exchanged msn! Arghh! I want!!! I want D's, not E's. Kakakaka! But Evan said when he saw D's photos before meeting him in person, Evan wanted to punch D (cuz the LC face lah! =_=") Haha!

The Randoms #7
I can't believe there's people still so sakai. I'm sure she scored A in her moral that's why she's so tak bermoral. One: never lock the toilet door (Note: the lock IS functioning) Two: never flush (Note again: she's having her AV) Chow turtle! Know how to write the word 'MALU' or not? See your face so pretty, your body so chun, tapi otak eelek! Kcuf!

The Randoms #8
Ever getting crazy over somebody for a period of time and then totally forget about that person few days later? Hahaha.

080407 Sunday

Malacca here we comeeeeeee! Left at 11am to Malacca. Reached there about 1. Went and put petrol. When we leaving the petrol station we saw this white van with KL number plate 2 cars behind us. Was suspecting if it's D's van. They passed us by. AA said no but I think it was. Anyway, don't care. We head to eat the chicken rice ball! Woo hoo! Saw HR & family outside when I was in the shop. But he didn't see me of cuz.

2pm left the shop and went to the mall. Looked for parking for 15 minutes! Sooooo many cars! Finally manage to get a parking cuz SL went down and ask the guy where's his car. Haha! I wouldn't even dare to do so. Walked to Dataran Pahlawan Megamall (Just opposite Mahkota Parade). Saw the white van we saw on the road juz now. We were right! It WAS their van. Saw someone inside the van. Haha! D was alone in the van. AA knocked and he looked up. And was shocked to see us. I laughed looking at his funny expression. We walked in and waved at J, APU and HT. Went toilet and then wait for the show to start.

Michael was the emcee. He was erm... ok lah... need to brush up his tone and hyping up the crowd :) (As if i'm a profeh emcee konon =_=") The mall is huge. Erm, the crowd was so so only la. :( Danny came out. Sang Love & Freedom & Wai Hor Xiong Tai Dor. As usual, he crack up jokes to hype up the crowd. Then it was games time. (Not trying to boast here ya. Just sharing my happiness with you guys :) Yes, I'm really happy.

D: You all came all the way here. Send a representative. Eve Lynn come! Eve Lynn! come lah!
Me: Dowan!!!
D: Come lah...
(Fine... )
D: (On stage) *in chinese* What's your name, Eve Lynn?
Me: =_="
D: What's your name, Eve Lynn?
Me: Err, Eve Lynn.

(He mentioned my name 4 times! 4 times u know! *pengsan* =D) You say swt or not??? 5 of us on stage. We had to sing a small part of any of his songs.

D: You can sing any song as long as it's my songs. Don't sing Gary ah, Zhang Tung Liang ah... (Talking to me) Don't sing ******'s song ah.
Me: (Sorry all Danny's fans) *Lightly push him* Then I want to sing 'Yi Ran Shi Peng You'.
D: Err, Yu Heng's song also cannot sing.

Haha, of course I know la. So I sang Ai Qing Wei Ji. Track 6 in his Danny 2.0 album. Very nice one oh! My fave song in the album.

When giving the prize (the only one remix EP) -

D: *Telling all 5* This one you go home must listen, must memorize oh. SPM will come out one. This one UPSR will come out one. SPM will come out one.
(When my turn)
Me: Me leh?
D: You ah... err... this one college will come out one.

Ishhhhh... kena char dou man... But he's really cheeky lah. I love him for this bit :) Stay cool my fren :)

That's all. Didn't go to batu pahat. Wanted to... but couldn't =P

College started today. Dreading to go. But it was okay today. I had fun in class today. SS found something interesting. And it really surprised me honestly. Haha.

*Waiting for the miracles to happen*

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Shin Sar said...

Sorry to distract your attention in class this morning :p But I was too excited la.

And I found another interesting thing, to end my day *yawning*