Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I prayed...

Woah, gosh, been rushing like crazy, no time to even update my blog...
Went up to Genting for Ai Fm's 2nd Anniversary, supposingly I should be so excited to blog about it, but somehow I wasn't =_=" maybe because I was too tired to.

Nothing much happened seriously. We went up, we went for the show, we hunted for celebs and we came down. The show was quite nice actually. Funny. The screamings only started towards the end of the show. Artists involved are M-Girls, Yang Wei Han, Summer Grace, Nick Chung, Jasemaine, Eser, Anna, Yu Zhong and Danny! *love* and of course the ai fm DJs, and other sister radio stations djs. Got a surprise 'gift' for Danny... don't know if he's surprised, but hope he's happy with it :) That's the best I can do. We rushed to the post party venue after the show. Stood there and waited. Only manage to see YZ. Then only we know that the others are in the post party already =_=" We waited until they came out. And we tailed him. Until the hotel they're staying in. We stood at the lobby, waited. HT came down and asked "You all waiting for ___ ar? He left already la." =_=" Me, T, CY, ML cam-whore the whole night. Taking pics with the statue, mirror, stupid poses. Swt. Then we yum cha at the cafe nearby. Thinking that he will leave soon. YR was shivering so I decided not to wait anymore and walked towards our hotel. We went down the escalator and we bumped into them. =_=" They didn't see us of course. He was with his friends. Wearing that baggy sweater, macamlah people will not recognize him when he wear until so the obvious. Memang sakai.

D'One Fansi

We're suppose to act the LC look... but I'm already laughing.

5,4,3,2,1... kawaii nehhh (*vomits*)

One of my fave pic. (Me + Teng)

The four Sakais. Standing in the cold.

A hot frothy cup of Hot Choc. Yummeh. (Not mine though =_=")

Another nice pic. (Teng, why all the pics I take with you so nice one? Wakakakak!)

I came back from Genting, slept from 5pm to 3am the next morning. 4 smses came in also I didn't hear =_=" Studied for 2 hours (got exam =_=") and went back to sleep again at 6am and woke up only at 9.30am. Yes, I know I'm a cochon. I admit. Though I'm not born in the year of cochon.

Nothing to blog about my weekdays. Busy doing plannings and worrying about this Friday. Finished my novel. Craving to cook. Doing projects. Updating my CV. (Gosh, in a year's time I have to work already.) I have a chance to go Brunei for some reason. :) Good experience, good pay. But the probability of me going is 1/200. Because we were the last to know. =_="

I seriously envy them. They made me realize the meaning of TRUE FRIENDSHIP. Everlasting friendship. It's so nice to see all of them so close to each other. Backing each other up. Caring for each other. Missing each other. Laughing and having fun with each other. Going places together. Sharing stories with each other even though all are at different places, busy with their own work. Reading their blogs seriously makes me laugh. One thing, I can see that he's really happy when he's with them. :)

Dear God, I prayed for true friendship yesterday, and You gave me a big argument today.
Is this how you test the strength of our relationship?
I prayed for things to run smoothly, and You gave me conflicts today.
Is this the way you want to tell me that you have to work hard to make things run smoothly?

I really feel so sad today. I nearly cried in class. It was just a small matter. I can feel my anger shooting up but I controlled myself. This is the first time I felt the anger in myself. Why must all of you make it into a big issue? We're all aiming at the same purpose, but no, things have to go the other way round. I just want everybody to be happy. Is that wrong? Tell me! Is that wrong? Why can't we just put aside our differences and work together? Why can't all of us be tolerant against each other? Any problems, we can always work things out. No matter what, I will find a way to settle it. Is that wrong??? Tell me! Is that wrong? Just tell me why the heck must things end up so seriously? We're all old enough to think properly. Can't we just calm down and do things together? I really hope things can be as usual. Fionaaaaaaa, if only you're here... Sob sob. I really don't know how to handle these type of situations. I can tahan, I can be very patient, I can say nothing and just keep quiet. But don't ask me how to solve it. I tried to light things up. I just want all of us to be together happy happily for the rest of the year. Can we? I really hope so.

Craving for Cheras steamboat, craving for kim gary, craving for murni's ribena special, craving for ferrero rocher chocolate, craving for so many things...

Arghh... what a bad day.


SueShen said...

Dun be so upset la~ not everyone have the same goal as u, and certainly do not think the same way as u do too. Maybe u work hard to make things right, but to some people it wouldnt work no matter how much effort u put in. Well, at least u tried, which is not a bad thing at all. Don't force things, it wont work that way either. The most important thing is u tried, if ppl dun understand just leave it. U did ur part. If i get ur meaning wrong, so sorry. But that is how i interpret ur meaning from this entry. Hope u dun mind me being such a 'geh poh'. *hugs*

Shin Sar said...

Some people are just being ego; can't accept other's opinion, the worst is they don't wanna listen to others who are trying to explain things. It's irritating!! It's suffering!! If I were you, I'll do the same, too - KEEP QUIET!

It's easier to say than done. People who can't accept changes will not want to accept changes made by other people. Maybe they are afraid that they will lose out. EGO!! KIA SU! Whatever that you call it.

Btw, I like the D1 fansi pic!!! Cool!! Natural!! Uh, I miss the happy times =(

No more meeting D1, no more weekly dates =( No more... no more... no more... =( I wanna go HK!!!

Eebeelinny said...

Thanks yo. Both of you also 'SS'. kakakka! Thanks for your comforting advice. Haha, I'm just blah-ing out my anger la. After that then ok dee one. I don't blame anyone in this cuz no one's right, no one's wrong. :)

Live life cool yo!