Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The word 'sakai'

Hmphh, no, this is not a posting to insult anybody or any ethnic groups...
Don't know why, I've been obsessed with the word 'sakai' for a couple of months now. Thanks to Amanda. =_=" Cuz she always scold in class 'ni shi sakai mah!!!' And now, I took over her word, and my saying goes like 'SAKAI AH!?!?!'

How obsessed am I? Look at my blog title, look at my sidebar. I wanted to change the 'comment' word to 'sakai' too but don't know how to do it.

Sakai Sevvy = SS = Syiok Sendiri

I even have my own sakai language! Which is the drawkcab egaugnal!! Woo hoo! Suddenly had the urge to talk like that. Maybe one day I'll blog a posting with sakai language :) Fun leh? Read until you nasgnep er!!!

I'm dreadfully tired. Slept late to do homework. Woke up early to listen to somebody's interview on radio. I'm sick. Headache, soar throat, cough. My eyes are like panda's eyes.

The Randoms #9
Have you ever wonder how saddening it is when you've been hurt by your closest friend(s)? However, it hurts even more when you realize that it is you that is hurting your closest friend(s). It was suppose to be just a joke, so stupid of me not to think of the consequences. I guess the things that I do, I did, I'm doing, I'm going to do, I will do all will hurt my friends. Sigh. I'm cursed.

The Randoms #10
- I want to go Kuala Selangor to see kelip-kelip.
- I want to go Cherating to watch sunrise/sunset.
- I want to perm my hair. Not the whole thing. Just the bottom part.
- I want to lose weight!
- I want to go holiday at Langkawi, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Switzerland!
- I want to eat eat-all-you-can buffet.
- I want to fill up my room with lots and lots of lavender.

# Not everything you want, is everything you need~ and not everything you want, that you can get it. Just crapping. Pls don't mind :) *rambling rambling rambling*

Credit to: Danny

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