Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Randoms...

Nah, this is not a posting regarding the local band 'The Randoms'.
Just my random thoughts these few days.

The Randoms #1
Ever heard those on air dedications whereby one party says 'although we're not together anymore, i'll still love you and waiting for you forever'?
Will you love a person for eternity? Well, we won't know what will happen in the future, but I never ever believe that one will still love his/her ex forever. I'm sure months later, or years later he/she will end up with some other girl/guy.

The Randoms #2
Again, heard on the radio about 'one leg step two boats' (being in two relationships [or more] at one time). Of course, I definitely look down upon those guys or girls who are in this situation. But I thought about it before, if it ever happen to me, (i'm saying IF la. But as if it will ever. One sampan also don't have samore want two boats) I will not know what to do also. I might end up being in two relationships as well. Oopz. Because you might like two person at a time. Or perhaps you don't want to break their hearts. Haha, wokay, I'm definitely crapping.

The Randoms #3
Recently I'm getting more and more interested in learning a lot of things. Guitar, piano, flute, yoga, baking, cooking, language etc. But everything involves $$$. I've been spending a lot. Spending when I'm not even earning. Gosh. I'm looking for guitar tabs for chinese pop songs online. Anyone knows any sites?

The Randoms #4
Yesterday, the 1957831047th person told me that I look very matured. Yes, look matured = look OLD. She said it's weird to see me putting black nail polish. Ish. Would you rather be born with a matured look? Or would you rather be old and have a baby face?

The Randoms #5
Quoting Gary Chaw's quote: Do you want to be an ordinary person doing extraordinary things? Or do you want to be an extraordinary person doing ordinary things? For me, I will want to be an ordinary person doing ordinary things. Because being an ordinary person, the limelight, the pressure and the focus is not on you. And you will only be attention-catching when you DO the extraordinary things. But, if you're extraordinary, every second the focus is on you. Pressuring isn't it?

The Randoms #6
I hope I have the power to know what people are thinking. I wish I can know what's on their minds. People are so fickle minded, so emotional, and they think a lot about nonsense nowadays. If only I can know what's going thru their brain.

Well, can't think of anything else randomly at this time. These are what crossed my mind for the past few weeks.

-you can't satisfy everybody all the time-

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