Friday, April 20, 2007

Least expected :)

Why is it that when we have nothing to do, time passes by so slowly.
When we have tonnes of things to do, we got no time.
Pan nai oh, everything do last minute.

Had a very relaxing class today. 4 hours of Autocad. I enjoyed doing it.
Mr. Wong gave us a diagram and we're suppose to draw it out accordingly. Somehow I like doing all these stuff. Sure lah, just 'copy' only. No need to use brain. Had lunch with Mr. Wong and Chef Chong. Haha. It's so funny to see the lecturers behaving like small kid, joking and gossiping about each other. I thought I was late to meet Kuan, so I send her a msg saying I'll be late. End up I made a mistake. She said I'm suppose to meet her on tomorrow. Have to talk to my friends, have to answer Kuan's calls. Wah, pening aku. I seemed to lose focus at that moment. Don't know why, I just feel very blur. This sakai Edmund tell Chef Chong and Chef Patrick I got bf =_=" Both of them keep asking me questions. Ishh... Sakai Edmund. You watch out!

After lunch, head to Sg Wang to jalan jalan. I parked at BTS and walk over. It's funny how you can get to meet people when you least expected to meet them. When I was at BTS's ground floor, I walked past Danny. Haha. Not the singer Danny. My primary school classmate - Wai Hong. Didn't say hie, but I looked at him he looked at me. And juz now on MSN he msg me 'if i'm not mistaken i saw u in bts rite?' haha. It has been soooooooo long since we met each other. Since Form 3 in Kasturi.

Then, I walked across the bridge to the Low Yat side. Walking at the shortcut to Sg Wang, I saw a familiar car. Was wondering how come this car will be here at that time. Looked inside and he was inside. Gosh. Of all people.

After that, when I was on my way back from Sg Wang to BTS, I met Fly and Wen Hsin and another schoolmate which I don't know her name. They were there to conduct surveys for our marketing class. Haha. We met in the morning and then we meet again in BTS. Kekeke.

Few days ago, I told myself, not to expect too much from my own surrounding. Because things tend to NOT happen when you expect it to happen. Then, I've tried to have no expectation on what's gonna happen. The outcome was good. Somehow, I seemed to receive a few unexpected smses, a few unexpected calls, and met a few unexpected people. :)

Mum just came back from Kuching. And guess what she bought.

FERRERO ROCHER CHOCS!!! 4 boxes of 30's!

Oooooh... la la......

Is this yummy or what? My parents knows I lurveeeeee Ferrero Rochers. (Well, who doesn't?) Usually my dad will buy a box of 16's during CNY. And you can see my face lit up like a lamp when I saw it. Imagine now there's 4 boxes of 30's. My face is like a spotlight. Wakakakka!

Gosh, just look at the box. I tak sampai hati to eat laaa....
I know what you guys are going to answer me... "You tak sampai hati, i help you eat lah". Shoo! Go away! Don't you ever dare to touch it!

A ferrero a day keeps the doctor away. =)

CY said wu chun's blog, each posting has more than 10000 comments. Wahahahaha, that's so chunted right? Ho ho ho. I want 10 also don't have ar... (Eh, you who he who oh? sakai) kekekekeke!

Will be going to Genting for Ai FM's anniversary later. Whoopee! Perhaps my last event to see him. Excited. Nervous. I better go get some sleep. Good night!!! I'll be back on Sunday!

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