Friday, April 13, 2007

Girl's Night Out

Received an SMS from YT "Can all 7 of us meet up this week? No excuse! Die die also must come out. Give me your time table so I can plan a suitable time." (It's not her real words lah, I deleted her sms dee, so I exagerate a bit heehee.) The 7 of us has been good friends since Form 1. Well, to be exact, 7 of us are all from Kuen Cheng, some in KC1, some in KC2. I've known Ester and Fiona since Standard 1. If I'm not mistaken, I already know YT since kindergarten. Anywayz, the few of us were in the same class in Form 1, and got along very well. Doing stupid things together, living a really relaxing (compared to now lah) life in our secondary school life. Laughing and crying over boys, friendship, work. We even write letters to each other even though we see each other in school! Haha.

Ok. Cut the crap. So we (me, CS, YT, SS, Ester, SF and Fiona) decided to meet up on Wednesday. 6PM, CS came and fetch me and we gather at YT's house cuz her house is the biggest. Kakaka. Of course not. It's already a habit we gather at her house. She came back from London for holidays. That's why everytime when she comes back, we meet up. I was so glad, because even SF, who stays in UPM hostel, also came. Ester was late, until we called her and she say she got no transport. =_=" Zha dou. So we went and fetch her and off we went to Chulan Square. Didn't know what to eat at first. So we decide to go there then we decide. Since we're quite fond of eating western, so we decided to dine at:

Gaucho Grill @ Chulan Square

The environment of the place is nice. Cozy. But the price is... a bit expensive. And the service... dot dot dot... no comment. You got see waitress when they set the cutleries for you, they don't put it nicely but THROW on the table or not? Never see before leh? Maybe they look down on us lah. Thinking we can't afford the food there. The food is good. I like their burger and pasta. Each main course comes with free salad (and it's self-service take-your-own salad). And being a typical KiAm SiAp MALAYSIAN, of course I take full pile la! Heehee. Pai seh neh. We ordered 4 main course, so we have 4 plates of salads. The potato salad is nice! And french beans with smoked salmon! *drooling*

Our appetizer.

Clockwise: Burger, chips and jagung for that long-stick-kebab-thingy, long-stick-kebab-thingy (it's a set for two), pasta marinara

And when the waiter prepares the kebab thingy on to a plate, it's like this:

2 people how to finish??? Crazy. In there got 1 small lobster (but not fresh =_="), steak, ribs, chips, mussels, 1 sausage, bacons, corn, capsicums.

7 of us share these 3 dishes. Eat until so full. Came up to about RM40 per person. Then we took some photos, and head to our second destination.

Sky Bar @ Trader's Hotel

Vroom vroom vroom. Head to 33rd floor of Trader's Hotel where the Sky Bar is located. It has a swimming pool in the middle and seats around the swimming pool.

It has those tatami seats near the window (as seen on the right hand side of the pic) where u can see the KL sceneries clearly. Can see KLCC. Can even see Genting if it's not cloudy. At first we were sitting at those high stools table. But seeing that the tatami seats are nicer, we requested to sit nearby the window. A mistake =_=" It's so freaking hot there!

Lesson #1: Not everything that seems nice is nice. There's pros and cons in everything. =_="

Nvm, tahan aje lah. Each of us ordered a drink. Long Island Ice Tea, Lychee Martini, Fruit Martini, Planters Punch, White Russian, Mojito. Yay, I tried all. But prefer my own Mojito. But a bit too sweet lah. Takde 'oomph'.

My drink - Mojito (a muddled cocktail with mint leaves, rum, sugar, lime and soda)

It's so nice sitting down there... chit chatting. Listening to each others' stories. CS said Luna Bar is nicer. One day shall go there. Kakakaka.

I think we'd gone crazy. Snapping photos everywhere. In the lift, in the restaurant, in the toilet, in the car, in the bar. =_=" But it's fun. Kekeke. Can't wait to get those pics from SS and YT. Then we had to leave to send SF back to her hostel before the gate closes at 12am. Haha. I didn't know UPM is so big. I thought only the grassland we saw from the highway is big. I didn't know it's SO HUGE. There are 17 hostels (if i'm not mistaken). And you have to sit bus from one faculty to another. I think it's even bigger than UM. And it's so clean! And there's plants everywhere. Very refreshing. Seems fun to stay there. Very campus feel.

That's all about my girls' night out. Thanks all of you for making the night so fun. =D Are we going out next week again? Haha.

Yesterday went to 1U to check out something. Left my house at 6.30pm. Looking at the jam at the toll near Eastin Hotel, i thought it will be faster if I use the other road to detour to Bandar Utama. I was hesitating at first. As I was rushing so I tried my luck. Mana tau, it was WORSE! I was stuck for 15 minutes just to reach the toll.

Lesson # 2: Trust your sixth sense. And not everything is what it seems to be.

My sickness got worst. I think I caught the rain. *humming the song 'wo zai lin yu zong.. da da da da'* Haha. LYZ's song 'In The Rain'. Now i'm having flu + soar throat. Aih, virus attack already. Wakakaka. Siapa pass the sickness to me? =p Ok, i'm going Crazy. I 'wrapped' some 'wantans' the whole night yesterday and the whole day today. Anyone wants to buy some?

The world is so small. How come everybody seems to be related to each other? Haha. Was 'surfing' friendster yesterday night and found a lot of familiar faces. And had a shock of my life when i found one. Haha, i'm not gonna say whose. But, find here find there also cannot find the one I want to find. So outdated meh? No friendster. =_=" But my lecturer so bad, he said: "I got a lot of friends, so I don't need friendster. Friendster is only for those who don't have friends." Sakai.


Shin Sar said...
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Shin Sar said...

Siapa that kena virus attack will have to tell the crazy leng chai in order to have a celebration in a love and freedom environment so that the world will not end.

Do you understand? =D