Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Crossing our paths

The pics of Hacken Lee at the Minute to Fame, pics of my JJCM trip to Klang, pics of Ryan's birthday are all still not resized, not cropped, not uploaded... Just too lazy to do it, cuz it's just extra work, rather than just typing in my blog... Tomorrow la... :D

Had French assessment this morning, Ms Yati said she's leaving next term for a better opportunity to teach somewhere else.. sobz! Everybody is like begging for her not to leave. During Ms Charmaine's class, some 'politic' happened.. Ms Charmaine saw and said:
  • No need to get angry. What for? I used to get angry over a lot of things last time, but now i've learned to let go. Don't get angry. As long as you've done your part, teach what you're suppose to teach, give what you're suppose to give, whether they absorb it or not it's their problem. If i see that they have problem, i'll personally help them, but if overall i don't see any problems, i just don't care. It's not that i don't care for my students, it is because i CARED TOO MUCH.

Wah, when she said that, I nearly cried. She'd became a much stronger person after having a family. I understand how it feels when you care for other people too much but end up getting disappointed over it. Haha, so better don't care anymore.

Received a fwd sms from YSS couple of days ago, and forwarded to some just now. Aunty Wendy replied, asking me to fwd to someone through kaima, i replied saying that someone will become scared of me if i did that.

I want to dedicate this msg to ALLLLLL my friends out there, no matter how long or short we've known each other, how often we meet each other, how far we are from each other, I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU.

~~Time might lead me to nowhere and fate might break me into pieces, but I will always be THANKFUL that once in my life's journey, our path crossed.~~


ian said...
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ian said...

till our paths cross again :)

hey .. our paths are still in line ! im staying SO SO NEAR you .. thats if im in msia haha.

anyway , good post :>