Tuesday, August 22, 2006

BDH 20 African Food Promotion

The past few days had been freaking hot!!! Even if it rained, it's still hot.
Finally, the day that I had been worrying for has past! Woooot! And it all turned out superb and great! Friday we did our mise en place in the evening, thought that dessert team will be the first to finish, end up the last >.<" Did a lot of trial and error cuz we never tried the recipes before. Tiring but it was fun! Don't know why, i really love all this events thingy where we work together, ta pao KFC to eat together, when one finished they'll help another team. :D Saturday dessert team suppose to come at 2pm but decided to come at 12pm to see what the others doing. Came with Fiona, had our lunch then straight away start our work. The deco in the restaurant was amazing! Kesian the deco team, slept at 5am.

Finished our tasks at about 5 something. My thin crust pizza which I rolled until my hand also pain doesn't look thin >.<" but the others - moist banana cake, banana chips bread, grissini stick, fruit parcel were good! We went to the restaurant to snap some photos.

We took like hundreds of pics throughout the whole day... I'm so glad that through this event, our friendship bloomed. We jokingly tease each other, comment each other, it was real fun... I'll definitely cherish this friendship :D

Amanda, Mohan cooked dinner for all. But the dessert team did not get to eat >.<" Ish, got curry chicken and gaufrette potatoes samore celaka! But we stuff canapes inside like nobody's business haha! Service time, everybody was really co-operative and we got mostly good comments :D Thanks to the FNB team that makes everything well. They had two performances, one is by Maria, Maureen and a friend, the kitchen staff were peeping through the door, Pn Siti was so nice, she let us go out and watch. The second performance was Keith doing flairing, awesome!!!

It was Kenneth's birthday so Edmund and gang put flour in the cake box, pretending it's the cake inside, sang birthday song and pour flour on Kenneth. Then we brought out the real cake. Then, we wash the floor, took some photos and balik. Overall, it's a great experience... I'm lovin' BDH20 OB! <3>

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