Thursday, August 03, 2006

JJCM to Klang & Minute To Fame

At last... I'm 'hardworking' enough to post up abt my trip to Klang with Soursand and watching Minute To Fame at Sunway Pyramid.

27th July - Drove to Soursand's house and parked there. She drove us to her uncle's shop, Restoran Tean Chuan in Taman Chi Leung. Wah! So many people! All talk Hokkien, I don't understand >.<"

Soursand's uncle sells Prawn Mee, Assam Laksa and Yam Rice. Assam laksa is only available on Sunday. Fast service and good food! Yummy! Love the prawn mee the most! :D Sandy's brother and the cousin came too. Well, basically a lot of her relatives came la hehe!

Then, we went to her uncle's place and waited to watch One In A Million - the repeat show for the Top 12. Ameen is so cute!!! Then at 3pm we left for Sunway Pyramid to watch Minute To Fame finale. We reached at 3.45, fulamakkk, sooooooo many people! We tried to stand one level above also cannot see anything. So we stood at the back, and slowly we got in front cuz those people in front left because too tired :D The judges were Liang Rong Zhong, Lee Jia, Vivian Cheok, William Sun, Phoebe, Yang Siu Hui and Hacken Lee!

Met Gymnast there. Stand till our legs and neck also pain! Finally, he was the last contestant! Gosh, we fell in love with his voice, and he's so cute! His voice is so powerful even when he's just singing it slumberly! Like what Soursand said, he has a really really bright future! He should join more singing competition. Sadly, he failed to enter top 3. It's ok, we support you!

After the event finished, we went to Kim Gary for dinner. Cheese Baked Rice, yummy! Then, I went home and went and fetch Chun from Pudu Bus Station.

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Shin Sar said...

hey....silap la.. Yam rice is available EVERYDAY. It's the Asam Laksa which only available on Sunday :P

Prawn mee also everyday.. hehe