Tuesday, August 08, 2006

OIAM, Food Promotion & Shopping!

Last Friday, since i had no practical class, Ostro invited me, SS, SY and CY to go for OIAM Top 9 show. Instead of sitting down, we choose to stand around the stage cuz it was 'opening song for concert' theme. But Ameen was eliminated. Sobz sobz! Had a blast overall.

Waited outside the studio for the finalists to come out from the press conference. Took pic with most of them and had their autographs. All of them ask for our names to write on the autograph (last time MI don't have one lor) >.<" they're really friendly and patient! I love Faizal! I just love his attitude and his accent! He said SS is the creator of Shin Chan and i'm the creator of Proton Savvy hehe! Lokman asked us to come the following week (so nice of him <3)>.<"

Saturday - Didn't do much in the afternoon. I told myself to study as i had a long weekend break, but as predicted, tak buat apa apa langsung. Went for DH20's food promotion (Mediterranean) in college with Fiona, Ivy and Edmund. Erm, sad to say I didn't really enjoy it, but towards the end it was better :D They served 6 courses - Scallop carpaccio, garlic soup, lamb kebab with pasta, seafood paella, stuffed chicken and tiramisu. They have 2 performances - M'sian PCD & M'sian John Mayer hehe! Then lucky draw. It was fun cuz the emcee - Dean @ Din was very good in hosting! We said we must go for supper in McD cuz of the portion but end up it was quite filling actually. Met Jonni and Kevin there.

Sunday - Went breakfast with parents and grandparents in OUG. In the afternoon went MV with CY for shopping! Spent 45 minutes trying to get into the parking. Walked the whole MV. Only bought the accessory for pants, a long purse and a pair of court shoes. Had lunch-cum-dinner at Secret Recipe. Tom yum spaghetti, yummy! Addicted to SR now... I wanna try out loadz of food in SR!!! Who wanna go with me again? :D


eeyore said...

we'd love to go with you, if only you could just find the time to spend a day with us.. miss you loads. hug.
p/s : i love faizal too!!!!!

bckhor said...

pick me up to SR ! i wanna gooo

gymnast said...


we cant live without food....
hey rmb...big losers....u must eat kau kau b4 really diet? lol

be my witness yeah...

i also cant live without food!!!

Shin Sar said...

you bought the long purse >.<"