Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sudden emo...

Argh... I'm so tensed! 2 assignments, 3 or 4 assessments coming, 1 food promotion, practical classes every week, research on every subject, TIS... I really will faint soon weh!

Slept at 4am yesterday, did my IT report... padan muka, people all passed up on Monday but I was too lazy to do. Now torture ownself and burn midnight oil. Was so sleepy in class today, Mr Prakash did not come to class today (*!&#$&)!(*, i could have slept 4 more hours... Took this photo before pastry class today.

L to R: Nicole, Ivy, Fiona, Amanda, Eve (Can't open our eyes properly cuz of the sun :D)

Made Alsatienne Tart (apple tart with custard)... Turned out good, only the short crust was half cooked. I helped Chef take the ingredients for her to demo, went to main kitchen to take eggs, milk and cream, came back, someone took the packet i measured! Geramnya!!!! Then, I wiped a mixing bowl clean and put on my station while i go take my ingredients, some idiot go take my mixing bowl!!!! Lagi geram!!! I'm just so annoyed with some of them. They're just sooooooooo lazy, when we're out of milk/eggs, they'll just wait for other people to go to the main kitchen and take... No leg to walk ar? Or no eyes to see? Chef Karam test-made some muffins for his pastry class, SOME people never ask permission and go and eat the muffins! WTH!

Up: The big tart, Bottom: The Mini 'Apple Egg Tart'

Stayed till 7pm at college for junior's dinner service. Me and Fiona one table. Our server was Annie (Fiona's friend), leng lui oh! And work quite fast *thumbsup*

My main course for dinner: Paupiette Fish with Zucchini Risotto served with American Sauce

Went for supper with LCY and TML at the mamak outside ML's house. Had a fried chicken. Called WWT on the way back, instead of talking with WWT, we talked to her leng chai daddy and leng lui mummy pulak >.<" WWT, 2a's for trials and you'll get a meal in jogoya k? Samore rm50 for every A for pmr! Go go go!!! And Taiwan!!!

Went home, online, chatted with few friends. Thanks to unreasonable assumptions, stupid thoughts and really crazy rumours, it just feds me up la. I'm just so irritated by what was being said. It's other people's personal life la, just leave it as it is ok? Stop assuming things and make it sound like it's freaking real! Arghhhhh!

Where are the people who understands me? Where are the people who are willing to talk to me? Where are the people who can give me a hug by just looking at me and knowing that I need one? Where are the people who loves me for who I am, not for what they can gain from me? Well, I'm just a nobody... Whaddya expect, eve? Sighz...

Kai ye's going to US on Aug 1st... Don't even have a chance to see him before he leaves... Kaima, kaiye I miss you all!!! I really really miss both of you!

Ah Kor (WHR) who's in UK studying... Long time never see you online dee lah... how are you? I miss you!

Uncle Nessie, I think of you whenever I eat the chocolate you gave me... Come back M'sia!!! Sobz!

And many many more people that I miss... I miss u all vewy vewy muchie!!! Aihz, told ya i'm sudden emo...


rachteng said...

Quote : " Had a fried chicken. Called WWT "

I thot you said u had a frid chicken called WWT -.-" lolx !

kaakkaka ! i miss u ! chillex la . rumours are meant to be thot real ? : ) but again , no fact no rumours wan ma . : D

ian said...

Pleasure :) stay cool , ill be around .. msg me if u need anything.

chunyiun said...

WooohooO!!...realli INITIALS ar? Wakakaka...Cool cool..i shud use it in my blog next time too..=P

Anyway, if u need to talk, u can talk to me la..i am free ma...No worries, ok?

Oh, kaiyeh going US meh? i tot he going to Taiwan?

Jo said...

hi eve! dun always burnmidnight oil lah..bad for health!
muhahah what to do?tat's college life...must have it issit? ahhaa