Wednesday, February 04, 2009

40 Random Things

40 Random Things

1. I am a Christian, which many people don't expect me to be.

2. I can be very stubborn at times, when I want to.

3. I must online everyday (unless time does not permits me to).

4. I love white rice (especially fluffy and slightly sticky ones).

5. I think and emo a lot.

6. I always save the best for last (e.g. eat egg white then only egg yolk in sunny side up, eat the bread then only the sausage in sausage bun)

7. I love food, and everything about food - cooking, baking, books, mags, collectibles ^^

8. I blog hop every time I online.

9. I have a blog (duhh! You're reading it!)

10. I have tonnes of cookbooks in my house but I seldom cook :p

11. I heart travelling, seeing new things and new places.

12. I'm not much of a fan of trendy stuff.

13. I am not much of a fan of chocolates (which I think is abnormal, but Ferrero Rocher is an excluded case), and I only eat chocolate with nuts. Don't really fancy sweets either.

14. I don't know to categorize myself as quiet or talkative.

15. I prefer baking at wee hours :p

16. I heart Nike, Patrick the dog and lavender.

17. <-- My favorite number, my birthdate.

18. My favorite colour is blue.

19. But, my favorite colour to wear is black.

20. I always think I'm fat. Which is true.

21. I love brinjal, eggs, vanilla ice cream, carbonara, caesar salad, deep fried sotong, si ham, and salmon sashimi!

22. I drive a Kelisa.

23. I enjoy going for buffets (But I don't go often of course)

24. I am a Virgo, and a Tiger (Tigress? :p) I was born on Mooncake Festival eve :p

25. I sleep a lot. And I always have problem waking up.

26. I prefer sleeping sideways, and hugging a bolster.

27. I can cry just because people treat me nice.

28. I am very very grateful to have very understanding family members and loving friends for life!

29. I want to learn knitting, yoga and dancing!

30. My favorite idols are Westlife, Jimmy Lin, Jay Chou, Danell Lee and Danny One *wub*

31. I am soon-to-be a one year unemployed person! :p (Macam so proud, cheesh!)

32. I always fear and imagine bad things happening.

33. I am planning to name my kids Jamie and Oliver in the future.

34. My dream is to own a cafe (but it's a far away dream sigh~)

35. I like to watch dramas, but I don't get addicted. Therefore there's so many pending!

36. I 'mm seh tak' to throw things that I like. I am still keeping my primary school autograph book, gifts in standard 6 and even faded bookmarks!

37. I've been to France, China, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. Yet to go other countries. Ganbateh!

38. I love my baby cousin heeeeaaaaapppppppps!!! My precious.

39. I am aiming to climb Mt Kinabalu.

40. I am single and available. Mwahahahaha~~ (Can't think of any to write dy so saja lah)

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