Saturday, January 31, 2009

Make use

Shuts! My blog layout lari until dunno become what dy.

Look what I found at a wan tan mee stall in Taman Desa which I 'bong chan' since primary! Those who stays in Sri Lempah will definitely know this stall which sells good and cheap wan tan mee. There's some empty land around his stall so he made use of the land and plant all these!


Lady's finger

To be honest, this is my first time seeing brinjal and lady's finger on the plant itself. Living in a city is not that good in one way. You tend to lose all these knowledge on gardening, plants and vegetables. These actully ignite my interest to go to vege and fruit plantations, and find info on how everything grows! Where coriander seeds come from? How to grow onions and garlic? I always tell myself, I must do this, I must do that, then I tell myself 'tomorrow lah', and then... tomorrow never comes.

Was chatting with my secondary school mates yesterday when we were out visiting, Isa mentioned about make use of 2009 and make it the best year, and to do something about life, career, future etc. Make use... I wonder if I ever made use of my past 22 years of life. 23 soon, wth. Wasted a lot of time when I could make the best out of it. I should have made use of the porch of my previous house to plant, now that I'm living in a condo. I should have made more use of my stove and oven. I should have made use of time to brush up my skills. It's not too late to start doing so, but, I think I've wasted a lot a lot. Too much.

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