Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Step

New year is over, and gosh, time flies. Seriously. It's mid Feb already! I mean, it felt like I just celebrated Christmas last year! And I'm already 11 months being a 'floor measurer'. But, I made the first move today! Went and enquire for a job today. Nope, not interview, they didn't have vacancy, just went and ask. I was so nervous and scared. (Chew, enquire also scared?!?)

My CNY was quite well celebrated. KL-lang sure stay in KL only ler. Cut down on the visiting, but I did spend time with my secondary school mates and 'pink' friends. Had 5 lou sang throughout the 15 days! :) My family have the tradition of having dinner together on the 30th night, day 7th and chap goh mei. Day 7th was celebrated in my aunt's place, and I had a very RICH dinner on Chap Goh Mei.

Yee Sang, Cauliflower with Prawns, Sweet and Sour Fish, Wanton, Siew Yoke, Stir Fried Kailan, Kow Yoke, Steamed Chicken, and one more Steamed Prawns (not in pic)

Rich leh? So full. Samore got ice cream and cheesecake for dessert.

I didn't know in Chap Goh Mei you're supposed to eat Tang Yuen. We never had the tradition to. But I get a 'delayed' one just now. Thanks XXX it was very nice :D

CNY over. No more excuses to be lazy. Hope it'll be a good year for me and for all of you out there :D Be healthy and happy! Appreciate and be grateful for what you have. You'll never know when it will be taken away from you. Expect the unexpected.


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