Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life, oh life

It gives me goose bumps every time I enter a hospital. Not that I see dead people, but, the whole 'ambience' is totally... *shivers*.

Grandpa was admitted to the hospital. Just came back from visiting him. To be honest, the number of times I actually go to a hospital can be counted with my two bare hands. Not sure it's a good thing or bad though. Maybe I watched too much dramas, I tend to imagine a lot of 'negative possibilities' at the hospital, which I fear to come. Aih~

Went to 1U just now. Roses, hearts, love, sweetness everywhere. Aww... hao lang man oh... hou lum ar... I saw guys buying bouquets already! (on the 12th?!?)

My old sickness is back. I didn't sleep for the whole night again. And I did nothing. Hehehe! Ok, deprived of sleep now. Nite!

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