Friday, February 20, 2009

Urban Dance Festival 2009

Want to witness awesome hip hop dance moves from Astro Battleground 2008 champion ECX (Elecoldxhot)? And also the all girl group finalist Twister Genies? Not forgetting another group that I always admire - DT4! If you're interested in hip hop, and want to see how they groove, head to Cineleisure Damansara this Saturday (21 February 2009) starting at 2pm for more!

Organized by MCA, Skuad Rakan Muda and SMASH (a dance/workout studio), there are free workshops, performances and competitions to participate in.

If you're free on Saturday and Sunday, feel like learning a thing or two, go and have some fun. You get to meet lots of exciting teens, take pictures with the dance crews and perhaps, sign up for SMASH classes :)

Click on the pic below or log on to SMASH for more info.

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