Sunday, February 08, 2009

R.I.P. Bibi

By now, I think Bibi is in heaven already.

Bibi is my dog. Yeah, not everyone knows I have a dog. It belonged to my relative, and we took it home 8 or 9 years ago. Now that we've moved to a place where we can't own it, we had to do something. No one we know wanted it, so we're left with no choice.

Yesterday the vet called and said SPCA won't take dogs more than 10 years old. Bibi is already an old grandma. Anyway, SPCA is having problems with overloaded dogs too. No one wanted it. We had two options, put it to sleep or let it wander as a stray dog.

Yeah, call me a murderer. I am, I feel like one. Dad wanted to let it wander, but I thought putting it to sleep was less cruel. Why? At least you don't have to worry whether is she still alive, is she hit by a car, is she starving, is she cold... At least she's with You now. To make you feel better, SPCA also do so, even to puppies.

Going back to the old house to clear up my stuff would be painful now. Previously I always ask 'Feed Bibi already ah?' now it's at the slip of my tongue, only to remember she's not there anymore. Planning to fast few days a week to make myself feel better.

R.I.P. my little baby. I'll see you when I see you :)


Shin Sar said...

I'm in tears.. u make me more emo now... I miss her....

soohui said...

getting to know more about dogs since i started to lias with SPCA for my project..
u made me tears..
Even though i'm still scared of animalss.. think positively, euthanasia is a good way for her..
to save her from other suffering..
she'll be fine in another world...

chunyiun said...

I remember i used to be so afraid of your dog..and i call her 'Fifi'...well, i still do..hehe...And then, i go to ur hse so often dat we somehow became 'frens'..she also nvr come near me dee...she knows im scared one...

U made me in tears...:(