Tuesday, July 29, 2008

For A Fan

Before this day ends, I would like to dedicate this post to a very good friend of mine, Kipas.


Today was eventful. First we went to an event to see Kipas' husband idol.

The idol walked past us after the event and the conversation goes like this:

Idol: (Smiling) No need to work ah? (Idol's hands gesture and expression very cute)
A: Working lah.
Idol: Working? I'm your boss lah?
A: Today is *****'s birthday. (Very the suddenly)
Idol: (Start clapping hands) Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to *****, happy birthday to you. Sorry ah, no cake.
B: Nvm, hug enough already.
K: Bu yao bu yao. (She paiseh lah)
Idol: Bu yao ah? Wo hen xiang de leh! (I smell very nice)
(Idol had to go off already)
Idol: Ok bye bye take care (or something like that)
A: Ok bye, have a good day.
Idol: Ya, you too

My god!! Where on earth to find such an idol??? Who would expect an idol to SING??? The idol could have just say it out, a bonus if it's with a handshake, but sing?!? *melted*

Then we head off to 'The Lengkungan' and catch a movie. Red Cliff. I didn't expect much from the movie cuz I knew it was about those China Dynasty history and war, and i suck in it, but the show was pretty awesome! Very the meng-gan-jiong-kan. Me and A added a lot of sound effects for the show wakaka. And I tend to think all these movies are damn fake. Although it's interesting. I mean, why those kelefeh army whack one time terus die while those super warriors get stabbed a few times they still look as good as new? The warrior's armour is so blardy heavy but they run so fast (plus, what for wearing it when you still die being stabbed) . The sword/stick is so heavy too but they can fling it and slash 10 ppl at one go.

The worst part of the show is, THERE IS A PART TWO!!! I was so gan jiong watching, I rushed to the toilet and rushed back before the second war starts, EXPECTING the second war to start, and suddenly 'TO BE CONTINUED' Ma turtle! Suspense betul! But it's nice lah, go watch! Takeshi Kaneshiro is hawt! Tony Leung too!

Still got many many shows to watch! The Dark Knight (must must must!!), The Mummy (must must must!), Journey To The Center Of Earth, Hancock, Kungfu Hip Hop... arghhh...

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