Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sooner or Later

Wuaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Fark man! Can't go for 988 concert in Penang! Bu hu~~ i so want to go! Got Danny leh :( Wait, I WAS supposed to go.. but... it's my baby cousin's birthday as well, exact date, hmm, I guess family is more important lah. Plus she's my angel. And she's having a party which needs my help. The worst thing is, I won tickets from 8tv! Grrrr! And now I can't go. Sobz! Sorry Danny. I'm sure there will be tonnes of other fans shouting and screaming for you ;)

I'm fearing for my health, again. Since yesterday my back hurts. I have no idea why because I didn't hurt it. Now it's painful when i stand straight, or when I try to stand up after sitting. Sometimes when I walk it's painful too. It feels 'sour' (the way they say it in cantonese). Feels like my nerves are being pulled. Gosh. What if I can't walk anymore :S

Working life seriously equals to no life. It's only part time but due to it I missed a few of his events already. And today, I totally forgot about his interview on 988! Arghh! I wanna go EM for his promo!!! Bu hu!

Sooner or later, it matters no more.
One fine day, i'll just walk away.
Sooner or later... i'll fade away.

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