Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Revisiting Tien Hou Temple

Ho ho ho... this post is like one month late.

I remember when I was young, I always loved to come to this place. When grandpa was still able to drive far, he would always bring me and my cousins here. Every time during Chinese New Year or Mooncake Festival, this is the place to be.

I still remember participating in a family day thing with my elder cousin and grandma. We had treasure hunt, memory game at the hill at the back of the temple, sketch, food etc. I still can remember there's this abandoned brick hut on the hill and they put a lot of things in there and we have to memorize as many things as we can. I still remember there was a pack of maggi mee.

Since then I had never come to Tien Hou temple anymore. It's been years. So the other day after a birthday party me, SS, ML and Teng went there cuz some people have not been there before. Now it has been beautified, still looks very clean and elegant. I guess people will always associated serenity and peace with this temple. Somehow I feel very calm and nice when I come to this place. Can't believe temple can be a pak toh place for people. Dottt.

There is a tortoise pond and herbs garden at the back of the temple. Very nice place. I see lots and lots of tortoise. Greeneries all around.

I really love this bunch of bamboos but don't know how to take a nice pic of it :(

My fondest memory of Tien Hou Temple is always this "Wishing Pond cum Guan Yin Saint Water" When I was small, I will always come to this Guan Yin and drink the 'saint water'. They used to have cups provided, then you just kneel on the stone plat in front of the pond, make a wish and drink the water.

Now they have a new one, bigger one outside the temple. Don't ask me if the water is clean or not, I don't want to know lol.

For those who wants to get a partner soon, can come and touch this ah gong. The red bag on the left is called the 'red thread bag'. Red thread is used to matchmake a couple together.

Really glad for this trip. Even though I'm not a Buddhist, but I enjoyed coming here a lot. More trips to come :)

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