Monday, July 21, 2008

Danny's Bday Party + 988 Global Live Music Party

Ok I know this posting is super duper belated because this happened one week ago.

Last weekend went Penang with ML, SF, IT, PK for the 988 global live music party. But actually got another task on hand. Very last minute thing, rush here and there to get people and things settled.

Didn't sleep the night before cuz reach home quite 'early', so by the time i pack it was already morning. So terus tahan until 7am and went fetch PK and head to ML's house. ML drove. Went fetch SF and IT then head for breakfast nearby. Then off we head north!!! Slept all the way in the car cuz very tired, but keep waking up cuz it's so freaking sunny and hot! Luckily got my Patrick pillow and bolster nyeh heh heh!

Reach Juru about 12.20pm then clean up a bit and head to Hongkie Kopitiam to prepare everything. Some artistes were doing sound check so on and off the rest run over to watch. Danny had his rehearsal too. Gathered some Penang fans and also KL fans and surprise Danny with a so-called birthday party. He was having a promo session at the cafe so before the promo we celebrate his birthday in advance for him. Well, just a very simple cake cutting and present giving and a chance for Penang fans to celebrate with him :) But somehow I see quite some media there.. hmm.. Actually we memang wanted to do a party for him in KL, but his schedule is so full we can't fit in. Sigh. But even though it's a simple party, really have to thank some people here.

- Thanks H2T for arranging everything with the cafe.
- Thanks I-tung for calling people to go, even though sendiri nearly cannot go.
- Thanks Soo Hui and Soo Yin for buying the cake, boiling the red eggs (wasting few cartons of eggs just to get the perfect one for him), getting the present, rushing here and there to make sure everything is alright... Gan dong dao!! I lub u two very muchie!
- Thanks to all who came! No matter u came from Penang, Juru, KL or wherever! Thanks!!!
- Thanks Auto City for the help.
- Thanks Hongkie Kopitiam (pls consider making Danny your ambassador) Nice fried rice and boxing chicken!

After the party we went back our room to bath and quickly get ready for the night. Gosh, didn't even get a rest already have to stand by. We went and queue under the fan club (live zone woo hoo!) at 5pm. Say 5 something let us in but 6.20pm only we get to go in. Our area not too bad la... Directly in front of the left screen but can see the stage clearly. Met up with CY and LL :) CY sat VIP with ML so LL followed us. So many units of artistes that night! From Taiwan: Kenji Wu, Yoga Lim, Da Mouth; From HK: Jason Chan Pak Yu, Vincy, Khalil Fong; From Singapore: Kelly Pan; From Malaysia: Danny One, Cheng Lee Zhi Qing, Karen Kong, Henley Hii, John Wee, Desiree Tan, Manhand, Guang Liang, Fish Leong.

The theme for the night was 'k songs' so they sang a lot of k songs and the lyrics were on the screen for audiences to sing along. Our side had a lot of fun, shouting and screaming, especially during Fang Da Tong's session, we keep shouting 'Ah Tong!! We go eat Tai Thong loh!' haha, I know it's lame but it's so funny! Danny was the 3rd to perform after Yoga. Woo! So handsome! Wear coat! First impression - real estate manager. Lol! And I was very proud of his performance that night. I think it's almost 'ALL OUT'. Almost only la, not yet 100% kekeke. He sang Yi Qi Dao Gao, everyone so high! Then he duet 'On Every Line' with Jason, when introducing Daniel's part they shouted 'Wo men you qing, Daniel Lee!', I actually looked to the backstage expecting Daniel to appear *chuckles* But nah, just his voice only. Chiu.

More pics of other artistes click here - Itung's blog

Wanna see the clips can go to youtube and search for videos under 'sevelynn' :D

Everyone was so tired and hot and sticky cuz halfway throughout the show it rained! I can't even take out Henley's board requested by WWT. Sorry gnet! :( After the show instantly go back to the room to rest and then eat supper downstairs. So tempted to go G Hotel but haha, all too tired. After supper, went back to room, bath, chit chat until 3 something only sleep. K.O.

The next day checked out at 12pm and went search for phood. So kesian nothing to eat around Juru. So twist and turn and just have something simple at Bukit Tengah. Dunno where is that.

Us: (After our drinks order came) Boss, kira.
A: Bla bla bla RM7.90.
Us: (Stunned for few seconds) Semua woh...
A: Yalah, RM7.90.
Us: (Pay and laugh)

Hahaha, drinks for 7 person... Samore is all milo ice and 100 plus and stuff. Too cheap to be true! Even the duck drumstick rice only cost RM4.50! In KL it would be like at least RM6! But the phood so so only la :p

Then some of us head to Queensbay for Danny's Pg promo while some head to Butterworth. I still remember last year I was at Queensbay for the same fella's promo and the same emcee too. Hahaha! Memories. This time more people and more relaxed. So touched heehee! We keep calling him mr manager. He samore can answer 'faster go get more business for me' Zha dou~

After that we head to Butterworth to meet up with the rest. And we went to Bukit Tambun for seafood! Yay hoo! My fave part (phood wise) of the trip! Somehow I just love to go there, hmm, dunno why.

For more info, click here:

Oklar, very tired already. Good night!

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