Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday D2J!

I seriously didn't expect to win. I only sent two sms in. One was not even in the 'cue to sms' time. Didn't really look forward to it too, due to *something*. Suddenly received a call saying I won, and what?!? Pyjamas party?!? WTH. The sms I sent was 'electronic games theme' and crab shape cake. So tml called me to go buy a cake. So last minute, how to get oh. Luckily for the nice aunty in Merry cakehouse :) Very prettily done.

Got crabs and goldfishes at the side (all gum yue lou wakakak). Pretty mou? Red eggs by ML.

I was quite disappointed when found out the room was not even 1% decorated. They can even ask us 'where's the decoration'. Dottt. If want us to deco, say mah... Say lah we have to do according to our sms. Deng~ None bother changing into pyjamas. Seriously all winners are girls.

Very nice of Jason to mention some of the names on this. Kekeke.

Danny is so *wub*. Daniel is so thoughtful. Jason is so funny. All three of them are Cancerians, July babies :)

They totally don't know about this party. Danny wore shorts tim. Daniel asked 'how come you all are here?' Jason: "why all girls geh?"
(Pics of D2J credit to Itung)

This three fellas ar... After cake cutting Joey helped cut the cake, this Jason and Danny busy eat only, only Daniel look around making sure everyone gets a piece of cake.

Don't need to look. I'm not in the pic.

To be honest I didn't really enjoy the whole thing. I was quite enthusiastic before the thing started. Maybe cuz they cut short a lot of things. I'm sure *someone* feels the same too :p I hope I am right haha. I doubt they even noticed I was there. Maybe only Daniel. And yeah, Malaysian fans are shy when the artistes are so near.


~Someone is cute :p

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