Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crossfire: A Long Journey Has Begun

Yes yes, I know I took too long to post this. I rarely blog about introducing artistes but I guess introducing this bunch of guys is a must.

Crossfire is a Chinese local rock band which they were formed back in 2004, and was involved in various mass event in the Chinese music industry such as 988 Live Show 2004 @ Sg Wang together with Nicholas Teo, Danny One, Yu Heng, Regine, Tang Xiao Kang; They also performed at the 988 Global Chinese Music Award; Michael Wong (Guang Liang)'s Showcase. They've been in the music industry for four years now, jamming in pubs, performing for events, but only in this year they released their first album [A Long Journey Has Begun].

How did I know them? To be honest I have no idea about Crossfire until my friend Carmen smsed me asking me to support them because her colleague is one of the member. That was in March this year. Then, I found out Ai Fm's anniversary they were involved too! (Yeah yeah, the main is still Danny la of cuz). I went for the ai fm anni press conference in The Mines on 19th April, and that was the first time I saw them. First impression - QUIET and SHY. They didn't talk much, very awkward feel, and among all I remembered Jim the most because of his long hair, and he sat next to Danny while the others sat in front. I was thinking 'how this fella know Danny one ah?'

So, right until the event day which was 4th May, they performed on stage with full band set up, as background for Tang Xiao Kang, and also rendered their own songs. Maybe that time no one knows who they were so not much cheering for them. Only from the few of us. After watching their performance, these guys are good, their music is good. And when Jim swing his hair like shampoo ad, fuiyo, damn yeng weh. Of course being a girl will sure look who is leng chai la, la la la, not gonna tell who *chuckles*

After the event, we saw that they have to pack their own instruments and all, while the other artistes already left with chartered bus! So kelian! We stayed for awhile to watch them pack then we left to search for the post party. We were standing at the entrance and after awhile, we saw a bunch of guys walking towards us. We were like 'my god! They walk here on foot!' Ok, so one of my friends went up to talk to them and manage to take a pic with them. I kiasu so I took too. (This pic very precious gah, later they famous dy I got no chance how)

Since then I start to take note of these guys. They did a show for Beyond's 25th Anni in Sg Wang but I missed it. But I went for their first promo and also the pwh charity' press conference, then, can't believe they recognize me! So gan dong. Bought their album [A Long Journey Has Begun], and their songs are awesome! Personally love the main song 'Love U Love Me' and 'Path Of Dreams' and 'Shou Zai Ni Shen Bian' but nonetheless all the songs were their own compositions and own arrangement. Bravo.

I wouldn't say that I personally know them, I wouldn't consider myself as their friend, I'm still a Crossfire fan, but I just know them a bit better compared to just a fan. After talking to them for a couple of times, I realize their album title really says it all. A long journey has begun. They started tough, still is, but I hope everything will be better in the future. They did everything themselves. From composing, to recording, to mountain fulls of practices and singings, loading and unloading the equipments everywhere by themselves, packing and unpacking, not like other solo artistes who just sound check, rehearse and come and go, having PAs to do everything for them. Well, I guess that's the disadvantage of a band gua. Really pity them. Plus, being new, and being a band, I doubt the income is good. So peeps! These guys need your support! Oh, they do really good covers of Beyond songs, Thai songs.

I really respect all 5 of them. And also their PA. I see teamwork in them. They are the most mutual consented (很有默契) band I've ever seen. It just amazes me! Really! They know what song to play next which I never even notice anyone passing the message around. They know which key to go into, they know how to back each other up. They're just great. And they're really friendly and funny!

See their tees? It says 'Crossfire'. They have both black and white. And both are different designs, but you don't notice it because it's just slightly different. Even the shirts are designed by themselves!

Their album - [A Long Journey Has Begun] has 11 tracks altogether. It's selling at RM25 each. I am not sure if you can get it at cd shops, but if you want you can contact Amplitude Entertainment, or I can purchase for you and you get it from me :p Buy lah, support good music, support local music!

Let me introduce them one by one:

Elwy (nice name huh? Yes, pronounced as the branded. Sounds expensive *chuckles*) - Guitarist/Lead Vocalist

Jeff aka Fei Zai- bassist/background vocalist

Shin Kairi - Keyboardist/Lead Vocalist

Kit - Drummer

Jim - Guitarist

To view some of their performances in the past few months, search for 'sevelynn' in youtube, or for more, search for 'crossfire乐队’ because there are tonnes of bands called crossfire in the world.

Some of my fave videos of Crossfire:

Love You Love Me @ Sg Wang -
Bei Min Pai Dui @ Halo Jaya One -
Ba Ba Ma Ma @ Halo Jaya One -
Hoi Fut Tin Hong @ Halo Jaya One -
Knockin On Heavens Door@Fahrenheit-
Ni Zhi Dao Wo Zai Deng Ni Ma @ JB -
Hong Yat @ JB -
But Zoi Yau Yi @ JB -

They perform at Fahrenheit Pub, Desa Sri Hartamas every Thurs - Sat 10pm - 1am. If got chance please go and see them sing live. Excellento! :D (Edited: For Aug & Sept 08, they perform at Gold Hill Pub, Kepong every Mon - Sat (10pm - 12.45am [1.15am for Thurs - Sat]).

Well, I guess not only Crossfire, but other bands in Malaysia as well should be given a chance to prove to the world what they've got. And I think there are a lot more in Crossfire that me and you yet to discover. Kudos to Crossfire. May your long journey be filled with lots of laughters and abundance of happiness ;)


JQ said...

Hey Eve Lynn, I had a chance to see Crossfire's performance. It was real excellent. But I am looking for a second chance to see them, would you know where are they performing recently?

Eve Lynn said...

Hi JQ. They are great right? They're recently (as at Oct & Nov 08) performing at Sunshine Club at Asian Heritage Row for Mon - Sat. For Sundays they perform at Aloha.

More info you can log into their official site or their unofficial forum

Thanks for supporting crossfire :)

JQ said...

Ya..they are real great. Thanks for the update, and I appreciate so much. I have been searching over the net on their whereabout. Hm..luckily get your blog. Thanks!


Eve Lynn said...

You're welcome. Hehe, how did u come about to my blog actually?

In fact, there are few blogs and sites writing about them actually. Just that mostly are in chinese :)

Thanks for dropping by. Hope to meet you soon in their events :)

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