Sunday, July 06, 2008


Been busy for the past month. Busy handling Daniel's birthday. Busy firing. And went for Gary's 1st ever concert! It was awesome deyh. Love the stage, love the jokes, and most important love his humbleness! But not enough la...

Hmm, 4 days never blogged, but i feel like it's been years... Am currently at NZX Station 1, with a bunch of crazy people, free wi fi here. My first time sitting at a cafe and online and blog. Feel quite fun, maybe I should try more. Kekekeke.

Hmm, updates... Been working the past 4 days at Star Planet. They needed part time for ticketing so since I had nothing to do, just go and earn a few bucks. How's work? Erm, oklah. Feel very new in this field. Feel very useless as well.

Finally watched the English version of Kungfu Panda. With my family. Haha, it's the first time the whole family go for movies together! It was the first time my parents step into MV's cinema haha! Will watch Made of Honour tomorrow for the second time! Wu hu!

Hmm, I guess I've been 'resting' too long already, makes me lazy. Too relaxed already I guess. Even when I online at Star Planet, pokok and hutan said "i'm so not used to seeing you say you're working" Haha. Am seriously considering finding a permanent job already. Which means no more star chasing, no more leisure, no more entertainment. Am contemplating to work office work or work something that I love but tiring. I guess whats best is go with the flow... Shall wait until after my convo :p

So into travelling these few days. I wanna go everywhere!! I miss hatyai! I wanna go macau, hk, singapore, australia, uk, us, germany, spain etc etc etc!! I wanna go tour around Malaysia! I wanna go mountain hiking, i wanna go taman negara, i wanna go camping, backwood, island hopping!

~ 红色的是你,蓝色我的颜色,紫色没出现过。。。 (Hint: PSP hahahaha!)

~ I don't know what to buy for him...
~ Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That's why it's called 'present' :D Love this line.

* Currently addicted to the song on my music box. "Chi.Zao" 迟。早 by Manhand. Their song is nice wei!! And Daeren is cute! Wahahaha!

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Shin Sar said...

Another 'D' into your 'collection'? Sudah how many 'D's ah? Did you count?

*Know what 'D' am I referring to??