Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Pic Post

1. I live in UK time zone - it's 6am now.
2. I feel inferior.
3. Craving is a sin.

I guess I am a person who can't stand cravings. Been craving for nasi goreng kampung for a couple of days now, so today went out and search for it. Ah ha! Nasi goreng kampung tambah telur mata. Ooh la la~

Anyway, this post is just a random pic post...

See-bye people parking see-bye-ly

Going to the hospital gives me the creeps!

My first time seeing this machine last week >.<" I am blardy serious!
I envy sunset2712
(Pic taken from her blog)

Isn't he handsome looking? Mum says its sales are pretty good. I want one too. Too bad my pair is still new. Pfffft!!

I was fascinated by this...

And this...

I heart sceneries!

I like this pic... don't ask me why...

Personal FAVORITE! ;D

Good night!!!

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