Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Things are not impossible :)

19th May
Slept only for like 4 hours, woke up to go redeem tics for 2nd June with Saeng Sun & AA battery. Had yummy wan tan mee then go home and get ready. 11.25am AA battery came and fetch me and kelisa 2 and we head to 1U for our lunchie. Met up with the others and went for lunch at Wong Kok. Shutterbug was extremely good mood that day, I seriously don't know why. Spent too much money I guess? :p Heaven knows.

Wong Kok sucks! Service and food both erm... speechless. Nvr go there again for me. Then, we headed to the sony exhibition area and waited. ATQ'07 10 contestants were performing. Then we just hang around until 3pm. The cameras and videocams were all so chun-ted! *Temptation is a sin!* 3.30pm only LYZ arrive. The crowd was not as I expected. Quite 'dead' actually. And the whole planning sucks big time! Not planned properly at all. Grrrr. Anyway, signed my album with my chinese name on it. When he saw my small piece of paper, he said 'Yi Ling, oh, Chai Yi Ling!' =_=" He's cute la :p Then shake hands with him and told him 'zhu ni zhuan ji da mai!'. Funnily, he always seem to say 'gan xie' instead of 'xie xie'. Hmm. Hang around there until 6pm then head to Vietnam Kitchen for dinner to celebrate CY and SS's birthdays.

8.30pm - Connaught Halo Cafe here we come! It was very last minute, and a
coincidence. I wouldn't have went there if it wasn't for AA battery :wub: A fans gathering with LYZ. No singing, just Q&A questions by fans, and a short game. :) Kyflein, you rock!

*Look at how he sit... Very the relax right? :D

20th May
Somehow I felt my weekend was excellent. Yesterday with friends, today with family. Went for lunch/hi-tea with my parents. Yum yum :) Service's efficient, food is good. But price a bit err... expensive lah. Hehe.

Been craving for prawns these few days. I ate 10 of these. Yum yum!

Best part - Chocolate fondue!! Yum Yum!

Haha! Cute eh??? RM150 per kg! Minimum 3kg! First person I thought of is Amanda, don't ask me why... =p

Then, head back home and went to the salon. Only God knows what I did to my hair :p At night went mamak with parents, grandparents, aunt and my baby angel. Nothing special, but just relax with my family is the best thing to do :)

I feel so relax this few days. So peaceful. I enjoy everything that I did. Only the sky know, the ground know, you know I know the reason why :)

Things are not that bad as I thought actually :) I'm glad to be treated this way :) At least I seem to be someone you can trust :) I know I shouldn't hope for more to come, I know no more will come, but I'm just hoping for the very best for you :) Good luck! <3 Erm, hereby, I know lots of local artists are coming out with their albums in June or the coming months. And some that already released. Daniel, Kwok Fai, Yu Zhong, Wei Quan, Lan Yin, Quincy, Winson & Jerry etc - ALL THE BEST! Also to some other artists - S.H.E., Liu Jia Liang, Tank. All the best to you guys too!!!

- Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage -

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