Sunday, May 13, 2007

Not my day...

My day started beautifully when I woke up and head to work at 10.30am. Despite the freaking hot weather, I enjoyed the 1st half of my day quite well. Despite Edmund not being there, and me being the type of people where I don't quite mix with people whom I don't really know, I was invited to go buy lunch together :) After that, we went to a vegetarian bakery where they say they don't use all vegetarian products to produce the breads and cakes. Eggless mayonnaise... how do you make mayonnaise without egg?!? Hmm. Shall go and find out.

My 2nd half of the day was bad. Tired. Stress. Partly because the restaurant's customers non stop coming. Make sure I get good incentive today! Hmpf! Plus, thanks to some stupid bugger who raise his voice on me. It's not his fault actually. I guess everybody's stressed up and tired like me as well. But, arghh, I just can't take it when people raise their voice on me lah. I nearly cried out during work. Another thing is, never ASSume things when you don't know the real thing. Don't come and scold me when you haven't make sure what happened. I just don't know why lah. Just now during work, I really can feel the pressure pushing down on my shoulder. Sigh. Half of me enjoy working like this. Half of me is desperate to leave.

Thirdly, I'm just so so so so so so so disappointed when I see people smoke. Guys smoke, I'm ok with it. But girls smoke... And if it's a girl that I find her sweet and nice, gosh, what's happening to this world man. And never judge a book by its cover. She might be sweet and nice on the outside, but cunning and a biatch on the inside. Pretenders are everywhere.

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