Friday, May 04, 2007

Sakai people everywhere

Gosh, I didn't know there are just so many sakai people out there in this world.

Sakai motorcyclists who drives in the MIDDLE of the road.
Sakai KNS drivers who are rushing to 'tao toi', impatient. Grrrr.
Sakai drivers who don't put signals when they switch lanes or turning to a junction.
Sakai people who are so stubborn, big ego and never think before they talk.
Sakai people who scold others for doing so, but never realize they're doing it themself
Sakai people who likes to show off.
Sakai people who are pure crazy - was having my dinner just now when suddenly this aunty just started shouting and scolding a small kid. The small boy was sitting on his baby chair quietly. I don't know what did he do but this aunty (note: she's not his MOM) started scolding (in mandarin) "YOU DON'T CRY ANYMORE AH! IF NOT I THROW YOU OUT TO THE ROAD! SHUT UP! YOU BETTER SHUT UP NOW! I'LL BEAT YOU! SHUT UP!" Not only that, she even scolded the mum and the grandma when they want to comfort the small kid. "YOU DON'T MANJA HIM LA!!!" What a biatch. No brains one ah. Want to scold also don't scold in public at the top of your voice la. Even if you want to scold, also not scold this way lah. Crazy one meh? Kesian the kid. I was so tempted to go over to help the small kid. Next time the kid lei ga chut jao also will be because of you ler, sakai aunty. Grrrr.

See how sakai ppl are?

I realize people are often very fickle minded. I'm saying in general. Don't you think so?

A: What you want to eat?
B: Anything lah.
A: You choose la. I anything one.
B: I also anything one.
A: Aiyo... what to eat leh? Then, we go McD lah.
B: Har? I dowan to eat fast food leh.
A: =_=" Then you think of what to eat lah.
B: Erm... anything also can lah.
A: *pengsan*

I always believed that, no matter what, people should always be humble to oneself and others. I don't care if I start from scratch or being looked down, but always keep your feet on the ground, don't become so sombong or too proud over the things that you've done.

Silence is virtue. Sometimes, keeping quiet is the best solution after all. You might call me a kiasu, a chicken, a scaredy cat or whatsoever, but I have my own reasons why I keep quiet or mention nothing. You might even say I'm selfish, but whatever you say, it's up to you.

My friend said that I'm a very optimistic person. Am I? Hah, erm, I don't think so. I think a lot of negative things also. Maybe cuz after thinking all those, I'll TRY to think of positive thoughts to CONVINCE and COMFORT myself. What you think?

A few questions I've been curious, perhaps you want to share with me your answer.
1. Do you go shopping alone?
2. Do you LIKE to go shopping alone?
3. Do you go to the movies alone?
4. Do you eat alone (as in not at home, outside at restaurants or stalls)?

Later will be the finals for Project Superstar Season 2. Henley vs Orange. I'm an Orange supporter. Woo hoo! Actually every since the first Top 24 roadshow I'd like her already. Her deep voice is unique. And ever since she sang Ni Guang, and her appearance getting better and better, I like her better and better! Go Orange! I'll support you forever! May you be the Superstar! Namo namo namo. =)


Khor said...

how are you :)

Shin Sar said...

Let me share my answers with u:
1. Yes, I do go shopping alone.
2. Like? Hmm, depends on my mood. I don't mind to shop alone actually.
3. I haven't try, but I don't mind either.
4. Yes, I've tried that! Haha.

Kesimpulannya, I am a lonely person.
*Oh, lonely. Oh MISS lonely. I have no body....* =D

rachteng said...

1. Do you go shopping alone?
- I go with my parents , then i split up. Considered?
2. Do you LIKE to go shopping alone?
- No? I won't dare to enter shops XD Especially shops which don't have much costumers. Its like all the workers are looking at me. Lol.
3. Do you go to the movies alone?
4. Do you eat alone (as in not at home, outside at restaurants or stalls)?

Why the sudden questions ? ;P

Eebeelinny said...

Khor: I'm fine thank u! :)

Sar: Going shopping alone doesn't mean it's lonely.

Teng: Just out of curiosity :)

gymnast said...

1. yes

2. erm depends, if i juz wanna window shop then of coz i want a companion, but if i know what i want to buy then i can go alone

3. i have never try b4

4. rarely, but i dont mind i go eat alone. but of coz is better if i have a companion