Saturday, May 12, 2007

D Old Dayz

Finally I have the time to really sit down and online. The past few days had been hectic due to assignments due and work. Everyday end at 11pm. By the time reach home it's already 12am. Rush to finish the assignments and have to wake up early in the morning to attend classes. Sleeping only 4 hours a day. But it's only for that few days. So i'm not complaining.

Things have not been going well in college. Sigh, I just don't know why. How come my 'yuen' with people are getting worst. Seems like things are getting more and more complicated. Why? Competition? Difference? Attitude? *no eye see*

Wednesday morning went to a primary school in USJ to do some survey for our marketing project. We're suppose to reach at 8am, and suppose to meet at college at 7.30am. I left my house at 7.10am thinking it won't be jam as it's still so early. Mana tau )(!&&(^$#&*^!)_! I msged Foo foo and Ying that i'll drive there myself. I reach there at 8.15am thinking I'm in dead sh*t being so late. Mana tau they haven't arrive yet. *pengsan* Went to the office to look for the asst principal and she led us to the classes. I was asked to go to a class in Std 4 ALONE. Gosh, how to handle 50 students alone?!?

I went in, and was talking to the class rep and all the students starts to KEPOH and walk towards me where i'm still standing outside the class =_=" Then I went in and distribute the survey. I told them any question raise their hand and I'll go to them. As the survey was in English and it's a Chinese school, most of them had difficulties understanding the paper. They don't call me 'jie jie' you know. Guess what they call me? "LAO SHI..." *terjatuh* I know my face very LAO, but also no need call me teacher one mah. Dot dot dot.

But, looking at them, really gave me flashback to my primary school days. Free and easy life. So innocent. So fun. Their curiosity and answers really make you laugh. One boy asked me what's this paper for. Thinking that they won't know what research is, I told them this is my exam. He answered "Har? So we help you to do your exam ar?" Dot dot dot.

After I finished, I went to another class where Edmund is in. Amanda, Foo and Ying also finished already. Then Terence (finally) arrive. When Terence enter the class, the whole class shouted. I even heard one boy said 'leng chai!' *pengsan* Wah, Standard 4 already hiao one ar these ppl. Haha! 2 girls even took out their handphone (yes! handphone! std four!) and take pic of Terence. My friend even saw a boy with highlights. WTH!

We still have 30 over surveys need to be filled, so we sat at the canteen and wait as soon they will have their recess. Then Amanda suggest to ask them during their recess. They're separated into 2 sessions for their recess. At first all the students were curious who we are, just come and peep and walk away. Once a student sit down and do for us, the others all gather around. Haha! All keep asking what are we doing. When we ask whether they want to help us, they smiled brightly and nod their head. They're just so damn cute. We took a pic with them. Then we left the school after thanking the headmaster.

I shall learn to enjoy life like a 10 year old kid. :) Live life cool. No regrets.

When will I see you again? :)

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Khor said...

wished i can be back in the good old days.

miss ya from down under :)